The life between magic & boys Pt. 15

**READ** Welcome to part 15 guise. Guess what? Jake and Patch are now a result. So for the ones who like them, your welcome (; Thanks for taking my series BTW (: If you like it please comment, and rate.

Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair and Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair and Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair and Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair and Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch. Black hair, and Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-cap: You leave the party because some girl steps on your foot, and leaves you in pain. Your walking back but happen to see the library door is open. Curiosity gets the best of you, and you go in to see who went in. *Continued* "Stupid." You curse under your breath. "oh-" You stop yourself. 'Am I seeing things?' You think in your head. 'Oh no.. It moved...' You panic in your head. You see a large black shadow straight ahead of you.
  2. There's a faint light in the distance. The large shadow has its back turned to you. The figure is familiar, but you can't seem to get it through your mind. Before you get caught you decided it would be better to turn invisible. You took a couple of steps, but it stopped you. "Hey ____." The voice said. It was a guy.. "Who are you? How did you know it was me? You can't even see me..." You say, remembering your still invisible. The figure turns and faces you. Its patch.
  3. You let out a relieved sigh. "Did I scare you?" He smirks. "What are you doing here?" You ask him. "What are YOU doing here?" He takes a step closer, now in better view of light. His dark, endless eyes seem to shine. It doesn't even make sense. There so dark, yet gorgeous. "Seriously, how did you know it was me?" You ask staring at him for a few seconds. He just gives you a sly smile. You roll your eyes. "Why are you in the library? Can you at least answer that simple question?" You say a bit annoyed. "I was just passing through, didn't know what was in here. So I wanted to check it out." He says taking another step towards you. "Satisfied?" He says raising an eyebrow. "I still have your Ipod, just in case you forgot." He winks at you. "How did you even get my Ipod? Can I have it back?" You ask reaching out your hand. "Sorry, I don't have it on me right now. Its back in my room. You can come get it yourself if you want." He gives you a flirty grin. "No. You can give it to me later." You turn and walk away. "Not until I get that phone call." You hear him laugh before walking out the library.
  4. You don't even realize until now that the pain in your foot has left. It feels fine now. You decide to just go back to the party, and just enjoy the rest of your night.
  5. You continue to walk, following the music that is traveling through the hallways. You see couples kissing outside the door, so you awkwardly step around them and walk into the party. The people seem more energized then before, crazy and wild. Then it hit you. You were one of the few sober ones left at the party.
  6. You squeeze through the crowd, trying to make it to your table. Of course when you get walk up to it no one is there. "Great.." You mumble. "Hey!" You feel a pair of muscular arms wrap around your waist. You snap your head to the side to see who it is. "Oh Josh hey.." You say laughing, relieved its not some creep. "Come dance with us, I'm not letting that girl ruin our time." He says letting you go and turning you to face him. "Are you drunk?" You say, only because you smell the odor of alcohol. "Nah, I'm just a bit buzzed." He grins. "Oh god.." You laugh. "C'mon." He grabs your hand and leads you to the dance floor.
  7. He pushed the both of you through a crazy energized crowd. They had there arms in the air and you noticed most of them were fist pumping with glow sticks in there hands. It looked like a sea of glowing colors, it was really pretty.
  8. You both finally see the guys and go squeeze your way to them. "Hey ___!" Max yells into your ear, but you can barely hear him. The music is cranked on blast, and it sounds so much louder because your right next to them. You could feel the floor pounding with the music and vibrating, which ran all the way up your body. They had really good songs, that had a beat that made you want to dance, and the feeling wasn't like earlier tonight, it was more of a 'Dance like I'm dying, and its my last night to live' kind of dance.
  9. "Here." You feel Calisto slide something into your hand. You look down and see a glowing red object. It was a glow stick. "I just thought it would match your dress." He pulls away from your ear and smiles. "Thanks." You yell into his ear, he just replies with a smile and continues to dance.
  10. You realized that you've never seen Calisto so... Energized. He's the laid back kind of guy. "I know, I haven't seen him like this since we went partying in D.C. a while back." Max says in your ear. "STOP reading my mind Maxwell!" You shout back laughing. You gave you a shrug and smirked.
  11. You realize you've been standing on the dance floor like an awkward penguin, while everyone else is dancing like lunatics. Alex comes walking up to you, a little funny, and grabs your hand. He spins you around, and you laugh a little. "Dance angel, but I'm pretty sure I've got better moves." Alex says and grins. "Lets do this." You say and you begin to dance, joining the crazed crowd. You felt all your problems just slip away for that one second...
  12. "Alex.." You say to him taking a step back. "What?" Hes grinning and is still dancing. "You eyes.. There red..." You say to him, but he ignore you he falls back on a guy and stands up again. Then it hits you. Alex is drunk.
  13. "Josh!" You walk over to him. "Yeah?" He turns and smiles once he sees it's you. "Uh- We have a problem.." You quickly say and grab his hand. You lead him over to Alex.. who is no longer there... "____ Whats wrong?" He asks now with a worried expression. "It's Alex.. He's drunk. and his eyes are red." You see Josh's face go blank, as if in horror. "WHAT?!" He replies after a few seconds of checking if he heard the right thing. "Yeah.." You give him a worried face. "We have to go find him. He could get us caught.. and what if he goes on the deck?" Josh grabs your hand and pulls you back to the guys. He whispers something in there ears and they bolt off the dance floor, to who knows where.
  14. You follow Josh, who walks off the dance floor and into the hallway. "Where was the last time you saw him?" Josh turns to look at you, and the guys join, waiting in anxiety for the answer. "It was on the dance floor.. but I have no idea where he is now." You reply, and they all sort of get gloomy. "Oh god. This fool is going to get us in trouble." Max says leaning against the wall. "You guys go look for him, I'll go look around by myself since I know this place the best." You guys give him a nod and with that he left. "Let start." Calisto says and you all being walking. You all walk around, searching hallway, after hallway. After what felt like hours you were rally starting to get worried. Max let out a sigh. "Its time to check the decks.." He said in a low voice. You all turn to a pair of large wooden doors, the ones that lead to the dining hall. You hear a familiar funny noise. "I hear Alex's laugh!" You say. Josh quickly swings the doors open. "Uh-oh.." Alex says laughing, from the floor. No big surprise there. You see a pair of feet by Alex and look up to see who's they are. You gasp. "Who are you" Josh asks. Max and Calisto were staring at a drunk Alex who was petting the floor. You see Patch standing there, right in front of Alex.
  15. Okay so that's the end of Part 15. Sorry It's not as good, it was kind of rushed but I'm starting on Part 16 now. So Patch.. What do you guys think about him? and the new side of Jake? Comment.

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