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  • 1 - The wording you chose specifically says "divide 50 by half", which means "Divide 50 by half of 50", which is 25. If you had said "Divide 50 by one half", then your answer would be correct.

    2 - You cannot light up the match sticks as your wording specifically states "If you had only a matchbox" - how could you light up the match sticks if you don't have them? Also, why are you naked with just a matchbox?

    8 - What? Even if you were trying to be completely literal, a person could still take a picture away from a man by using wooden legs. If you're asking about capturing a photo of a man that has wooden legs, then of course you can. It might not be legal, but you can. If you're asking whether you can physically remove a picture of a man with wooden legs, I still don't see why not.

    Too many of your questions involved general knowledge, and not intelligence:

    3 - One needs to understand cardinal points, the shape of the earth, and the fact that the only bears in the Arctic are Polar Bears; not to mention what colour they are.

    4 - One needs to know that birds would fly away when a firearm goes off (You should know this though...)

    5 - One needs to understand the western dynamics of a family

    7 - One needs to know that Penguins aren't found in the Arctic.

    10 - One needs to know about the very small group of snake species that have vestigial legs.

    What I'm saying is:

    It's not a very good IQ test. A few good questions...but only a few.

  • as i am not a native in some words are vocabulary to ME! but i like it.

    But did this the first time intelligence quiz examine the real my status?

  • 91% yay im a genius


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