The in love test

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Well you are very inteligent but you aren't there yet keep trying my test and get closer to the boy you are in love with he will be in your arms someday just not mine**

Well you are very smart you took my test to see if you were truly in love and well you'll have to wait and see if you truly are but hat girl will come someday and she will be yours!

Created by: Emily of [no urls]
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  1. Does he smile at you?
  2. Does he talk to you ?
  3. Does he touch you?
  4. Doe she make you laugh?
  5. Do you like him?
  6. Do you make him laugh?
  7. Does he spend time with you
  8. If you fall does he laugh at you?
  9. Have you ever kissed him?
  10. Go out with him

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