The Impossible Quiz

Do you think your extremely smart? Well, this quiz will defiantly prove your answer right.. Or wrong! Take a a bit of time to take this, and find out how smart you are!!!

These questions are all very hard questions. if you did not win, do not be sad. Please if you can, Google the answers, or take a look at what you got wrong and try again.

Created by: ClaireWolfLover

  1. What did Queen Elizabeth 1 ban from her court?
  2. What is 'Abibliophobia'?
  3. There are enough veins in the human circulatory system to circle the earth how many times?
  4. In an average life time, a person walks the equivalent of how many times around the equator?
  5. The term 'apivorous' describes something that feeds on what?
  6. In 1778, fashionable women in Paris would wear what attached to their hats?
  7. Butterflies have a sense of taste how many times stronger than humans?
  8. More than 88% of the world lives in what hemisphere?
  9. The term 'Noggin' refers to what?
  10. What is a group of turkeys called?
  11. In July 1830, King Louis XIX of France held the throne for how long before resigning?

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