The Hunger Games: Part Three

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The Hunger Games: Part Three is written in Gale Hawthorne's words; in other words he is the narrator of this chapter. On the train ride to where the Games take place, Katniss learns something that might change her life.

This series is a 'Must read' story! Who knows, maybe there is a lesson some one can learn!? Make sure if you DO read this, comment some ideas, how you felt, possible changes, etc. &&' Rates!!!

Created by: IcyDesignns

  1. (Please read first two paragraphs ^^ before reading the story! If you dont, you'll be confused..) I sit at a dumpy table that keeps rocking back and forth, my mind is clear. I have one desire; Win the Games. I rock back and worth in my chair, waiting for something; Anything. I stare at Katniss, her sparkling grey eyes, her glamorous bown hair, she's beautiful. Everything about her, I just adore it. I stare, and stare. Waiting for someone to say something. "Do you think you can handle the Games?" Asks my fellow mentor, Haymitch. Katniss sits up in her chair, "What do YOU think! You didn't teach us anything!" Although I understand he did nothing but drink about two dozen of bottles the entire ride, I still stare. Not because I adore her, but because I know how much this is agonizing. "Run, run and find water." Whispers Hatmitch. I slouch in my chair, sipping a glass of champaigne. "I don't- I don't understand." Says Katniss. "They're going to just drop you off at the Games; You'll have to fend for yourself. Just RUN to find water-Before they kill you!" Remarks Haymitch.
  2. The next hour is just sitting, silence. The next thing I knew, we were at Orofino Train Station in Kukawa, where the Games took place. But first we go to Jaspe, a large building that consists of training equipment. I stand in the training hall, there is 24 of us; 12 girls and 12 boys. There is Chase and Heather from District 1, Mikail and Kiara from 2, Nobel and Isabel from 3, Aurilena and Parker from 4, Jay and Larissa from 5, Chris and Felicia from 6, Tevon and Shaolyn from 7, Eric and Sofia from 8, Arnold and Zaria from 9, Jayden and Orianna from 10, Xavier and Jeta from 11, and lastly, me and Katniss from 12. We train nonstop for 3 days, though Katniss chose to train away from me. "I can't work with my tribute." Kat told our trainer, Mikado. So we both work separately; With stuffed dummy's. I slaughter mine to death- Although it was never alive. I see Katniss at the other side of the room from the corner of my eye. Every arrow she shot missed. She was sweating like a dog, her face was red. I can tell she's fustrated, hopeless, and clearly incomplete.
  3. Now it's time to dress, we meet our dresser, Jaxon. He measures Katniss' and my body, cuts out fabric, sows it together and gives it to us the next day. Our outfit is simple; a black jumpsuit. "Just black?" Asks Kat. "Yes, just black." Replies Jaxon. His voice is sweet, kind and caring. "Why?" I ask. "Why, because black represents death, and Distrist 12 is deadly. Yes, we WILL overcome. This will be a game to remember." Me and Katniss go to our underground elevators, wearing our unsuccessful looking jumpsuit. How will THIS be something to remember!? Next thing I know we're flying up our elevators, one minute until the game.
  4. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" Effie Says over the intercom. The 24 tributes start running to the cornucopia. I run behind everyone, I fight over a green bag with Jay. I punch him right in the face and he let's the bag go. I start running off to the forests and climb in a tree and open the bag. I go through the backpack and see a bag of Potato Chips, 3 bandages, a pack of nails/screws, a Cicada leaf, and a flashlight. Nothing here is very useful to me, besides the chips, but ill wait until im really starving for that. I sit in the tree, watching tributes kill eachother; Aurilena killed Chase, Mikail killed Isabel, Larissa killed Shaolyn, and more. This place is a slaughterhouse.
  5. The Gamemakers suddenly turned the lighting off in the arena so I fell asleep in the tree. There's firewood burning just about 100 yards away from here, I can here tributes together talking about their plans to kill us other people. There's 4 other there, and I guess they don't think they know they'll eventually going to have to murder each other, no matter how long they stick together. "Pssst." Calls a name from below me, It's Katniss, "Can I come up?" "Sure." I help her up the tree. "Thanks." She said. "I don't want to," I say. "Don't want to what?" "To kill you." "Oh, well its part of the Games. I mean, I don't want to either. But if we turn out to be the last ones, we have to." "Yea," The day lights come back on and I look up. When me and Katniss start climbing back down the tree, I fall. I not only hit the ground, but my back hits a huge, sharp rock. I try not to scream; for the other tributes may hear me. But I bite my lower lip-Hard. I now have a huge hole in my back and I believe death's door is coming. "Grab my bag." I say.
  6. *TRIVIA QUESTION!* Who Said, "Run, run and find water."? Don't cheat!!
  7. "Ok." Katniss says, tears dripping from her eyes. "Get the Cicada leaf." So she does. "Rub it on my back." She does. Within 10 minutes the entire hole was healed, there was no scar, no blood, nothing. That's the magic of the Cicada leaf. "You ok?" "Yes." I get up and start walking, I don't know where to, but I don't stop, Katniss follows. "Should we find water?" Katniss asks. "Yes, that's a good idea." "I remember Haymitch saying something about the Fallen Angel waterfall." "Where at?" "I'm not sure, but he said it's magical." "What does it do?" "He didn't say." "Well that helps..." The lighting gets dimmer.
  8. Apparently to the Gamemakers it's nighttime already, though it has only been 30 minutes of "daylight". I find two bushes aside eachother and me and Katniss sleep in them for 30 minutes until daylight comes back. When I awake, I open my eyes. I sit face to face with some black girl from District 5. "Hi!" She screams. "Hey?" I reply. "My name is Larissa, pretty cool huh!? I like you're shirt." "Umm, thanks?" "You're welcome!!" Katniss wakes up and we head tl this "Fallen Angel" waterfall Kat's been talking about. "So what are you looking for?" Asks Larissa. "The Fallen Angel waterfall." "Ohh. Or the Belton Dam." "What?" "It has two names." "Ohh, damn." "Hey! Language!" "What? I ment Belton Dam.." "Haha."
  9. Finally we're at the Fallen Angel waterfall, or the Belton Dam. I see Eric and Sofia from District 8, stabbing eachother. Ahh-Haa, it must be young love. Soon later, their both died. The lights are off again, this is starting to really irritate me. Night and day goes like *snaps fingers* that! I see nothing, it's pitch black, nor can I hear anything. "Ahhhhhhhh..!" Screams Katniss. "Katniss!?" I yell. I search around and..
  10. Hey guys! I know what you're all thinking, "Nooooo! Katniss! Please.." Lucky me, I know what happens, and YOU don't! But If you do want to know, you're just going to have to look out for Part Four! Rate &&' Comment? (:

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