The How High Are You Quiz

I know a lot of smokers, so this is very accurate. Do you want to know if you smoke too much? Do you know what marajuana is? This quiz will tell you all of that, and not much more. So come see where you are on the smoke-o-meter.

If you're very high, you already forgot the first paragraph, or can't read at all. So here's the main point. Smoke-o-meter. It tells you how high you are. There you go, try it out.

Created by: doom
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does your monitor appear to be green?
  2. Are eating cardboard?
  3. Do you know what sasquatch is?
  4. have you ever seen a unicorn?
  5. should this quiz be over?
  6. have you ever punched someone in the face because they looked like a lizzard?
  7. do you suck?
  8. do i suck?
  9. have you ever sat on a couch for 11 hours eating nothing but dorritos?
  10. is this the end of the quiz?

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Quiz topic: The How High am I Quiz