The Horrid Henry test

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Welcome to the Horrid Henry test. There are many people who watch Horrid Henry, but do you pay attention when watching Horrid Henry? (If you do

Find out by taking my wonderful quiz called the Horrid Henry test. This test will test your knowledge about the TV show called Horrid Henry. Good luck.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. What colour hair does Horrid Henry have?
  2. Does Peter wear glasses?
  3. What do Peter and his best friends call them selves
  4. What is Ralph's nickname?
  5. Who is Horrid Henry's best friend?
  6. Who is Horrid Henry's worst enemy?
  7. What is Horrid Henry's age?
  8. Does Margaret like Horrid Henry
  9. Who always say I dunno?
  10. Do you think you did well?

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