The Harsh life of a Warrior Part: 1

Read the Warrior series by Erin Hunter? Wonder what real warrior life is like? THIS QUIZ IS ONLY FOR SHE-CATS!!! Anyway, begin as Rainkit, a small slender freckled grey she-cat, and go through the harsh life, of a warrior.

This quiz will show you what being a warrior is about. There is no real results, but its just for fun. I'll be making the next one soon! So look it up on my user homepage! The Harsh life of a Warrior part: 2 COMING SOON...

Created by: Sparkspirit

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  1. First of all, this quiz is only for SHE-CATS. Your name is Rainkit, and your journey begins at the nursery.
  2. You and you sibling start heading out of the nursery for the first time, but Sunblaze (the deputy) tells u to go back and stay there and wait for your mother. What do u do?
  3. You are now three moons old, and you wake up in the middle of the night due to a weird sound. You open your eyes, and suddenly you realize Iceclan (enemy) is attack!!
  4. You go to you first gathering! Wow! You look around, looks of strange cats, but Oakash volunteers to introduce you to any warrior! Who do you meet?
  5. You are now a warrior! Rainblow. After 2 moons of being a warrior, you fall in love with a cat from another clan! Minnowcatch. The hansum white-and-ginger patch Stormclan tom. At the gathering, he askes you to meet him at swamp grounds. What do u say?
  6. Another moon later now, and you are heavy with kits. You don't know who's they are, and everyone keeps asking! What do you say?
  7. You are dismissed from your warrior duties. So you go out for a walk along the Stormclan boarder. As your looking out, you realize the kits are coming!! And an enemy patrol is on its way too! What do you do??
  8. Either way, you lay on your side, and luckly the Stormclan medicine cat was with the herb patrol. You have 2 kits. One white kit which you name Dovekit, and a kit that look JUST like Minnowcatch. Which you name Stormkit. Now you....
  9. They take u back to camp, n everyone stares. U realize they r starring at Stormkit. Suddenly, Creamfur burst through, looking angry. You try to explain, but he tells u that one day u'll pay. You.....?
  10. You settle into the nursery with Stormkit and Dovekit pressed against you. You look out and thinking about Creamufur's threat. Why should u have to deal with criticism? So, you deside to join Stormclan. You...?

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