The hardest harry potter quiz

Harry Potter books has many information that only real Harry Potter fans can remember it.many of Harry Potter reader don't care to these information but they are important!

Do you think you know everything about Harry Potter?Do you think you are a great Harry Potter fan?In just a few minutes you will find out the answers of these questions!

Created by: see53that24owl
  1. When did Albus Dumbledore defeat Gellert Grindlewald?
  2. Which chocolate frog cards does Ron want to find in the hogwarts express in the first book?
  3. When did the nearly headless nick die?
  4. When did Tom Marvolo Riddle open the chamber of secrets?
  5. Who was the first person that the whomping willow hurt him?
  6. What is the middle name of Remus Lupin?
  7. Who was the seeker of Ireland quidditch team when harry was 14?
  8. Who is unspeakable?
  9. What was harry's first class at hogwarts in his fifth year?
  10. Who was the author of the defensive magical theory book?
  11. What was harry's Astronomy O.W.L grade?
  12. Which of the Slughorn's students was the head of goblin liaison office?
  13. What was the wood of Peter Pettigrew's wand that Ollivander made for him in seventh book?
  14. Which of the following names is Reginald Cetermole's child's name?

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