The Guardians Farewell: Grayson

Hey people! So, I know I told you all this series was completely over and I was done with it, but... I just noticed a tiny flaw in it and wanted to fix it.

In the middle of the sequel, I told you all Angelica could bring back the dead if she kissed them, but I forgot until now. Evil plan happening. XD be prepared

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Flaming tears slowly slid from the rims of my puffy red eyes, dribbling their way down to touch the tip of my tongue. Savouring the bittersweet taste of the tears against my tongue, I slowly knelt down over the wooden casket. His lifeless body laid there -- so peaceful and handsome. Why? Why did I turn him down? He was my everything, yet I couldn't accept that until now.
  2. Tears began to slowly roll down his lifeless corpse as I buried my head into his chest, trying to remember how it felt to be in his arms again. " Grayson, I'm sorry. If I could turn back time, I would marry you. I would never let you go."
  3. " I love you Grayson. I miss you so much." I sobbed loudly, my eyes magnetically locked onto his shut lids that used to hold the most beautiful eyes ever. Pressing my lips against his cheek, I gave him one last kiss before deciding to leave. Gathering what little courage I had left, I stood to my feet and began to stagger away, my heels clicking against the tiling.
  4. " Angelica?" a slightly husky voice muttered. My heart began to pound rapidly as I turned my body around to see Grayson, raking his hands through his tossled light hair. " Grayson! Oh my.... You're here! You're really here!" I sobbed bitterly, running back to where he was and embracing him tightly. " Angelica, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have stormed out like that. You didn't have to marry me --" he began, cut off by my lips crashing against his own.
  5. My lips still against his, I slowly began to wrap my arms around his neck, burying my hands in his silky smooth hair as his hands slowly traveled their way around my waist. Only pulling away for breath, I looked into his bright eyes, and could see the excitement in his face. He wasn't mad.
  6. " Angelica? I thought--" " Grayson, you won't understand any of this, but I missed you so much. I made a mistake, Gray. I should have married you. I want to marry you." I croaked, my fingertips blindly tracing the outline of his jawline. " You... You do?" " Yes. I do."
  7. His palm pressed against mine, I gently locked my fingers around his and pulled him to his feet, helping him out of the casket. " I love you Angelica." " I love you too, Grayson."
  8. *** A Year Later ***" Hey, ditz. I can't believe you two are really getting married this time. I never thought it'd happen." Maple snickered, playing with a strand of her turquoise hair while trying her best to seem happy for me. Truth is, nobody really wanted me to marry Grayson. We'd both have to die. But then again, love hurts. " Maple! What she means to say is, she can't believe he's alive." Abigail interjected, rolling her eyes at Maple.
  9. *** Grayson ***The guys decided to not attend the wedding, leaving me to groom myself. Get it? I'm a groom... I gotta... Oh forget it. Point is, I watched as Angelica made her way to the alter, her beautiful face covered in a lacy veil and her dress sliding behind her. Instead of the normal ceremony, the priest handed us each a dagger. Caressing it in my palms, I watched as she lifted it above her head. I mirrored her actions, digging it into her heart.
  10. *** Abigail ***I watched in horror as they both raised their daggers above their heads, letting their daggers pierce into each others hearts. Blood trickled down from Angelicas lip as she crumpled over onto the floor, Grayson still standing. It didn't work. She didn't kill him.
  11. *** Grayson ***Tears slowly rolled down my cheeks as I watched her dying on the wooden floor, scarlet blood puddling around her. Her once white dress was now a crimson red, while I.... I was still alive. She wouldn't kill me. " Angelica, please.... Please do it." I sobbed, her blue eyes fluttering shut as she shook her head weakly. " I.... I can't... K-Kill you. F-find a new girl, Gray. O-one w-who's normal." she whispered. " No. I won't! I want you, Angel--" " I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. Do it... For me." she murmured, the dagger in her palm falling.
  12. She died. She left me all alone. I rested my head on her deceased body, tears pricking my skin as I sobbed over her. As I continued to cry, I felt a small prick in my side. Eyes widening in surprise, I looked down to see the dagger pierced into my side, her frail fingers wrapped around it. She did it. For us.
  13. *** Maple ***I watched in shock as her frail fingers wrapped around the dagger, her hand limply holding it as she jabbed it into his side. A cry of joy escaped his throat as he held her close, crumpling over her. A small tear fell from the corner of my eye as I realized they had true love. Beautiful love -- but also demented minds.
  14. *** Angelica ***" We're here." Grayson whispered into my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist as he guided me down the golden path before us. A pearly gate stood before us, only opening once we got closer. " Grayson?" " Yes?" " I love you." I whispered.
  15. *** Grayson ***" Grayson?" she said. " Yes?" " I love you." she whispered, a stray tear rolling across her cheek as her blue eyes fell on me. " I love you too. I always have and I always will." I said, and I meant it.
  16. *** Abigail ***The next morning, a letter arrived. It read: Dear friends, though we have both died, we both miss you tons. Though we wish we could see you again, it will most likely never happen. Don't mourn for us. Move on. Find better friends that can help you when you are down, that can be there when you need someone -- but most importantly, find someone who can make you happy. Tell the guys to find amazing girls, better than I ever was. Give them my love. Sincerely, Angelica.

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