The Great Quiz Of Ga'Hoole

This quiz will test two things. Your personality, and your Ga'Hooligence (Ga'Hoole intelligence). So, who do you act most like? Who's Ga'Hooligence level matches yours?

Could you be Skench? Ginger? Twilight? Kludd? Soren? Or maybe even Boron? Who are you as smart in Ga'Hoole? Will you get your favorite character? Why am i asking you these questions? So that you'll be more curious and take the quiz!

Created by: sorentheowl
  1. What kind of owl is your favorite out of these and for what reason?
  2. When the owls were taking a journey to the Northern kingdoms, who all went and who were they sent by?
  3. Who, out of these, is your favorite owl?
  4. What would you do if you were alone taking care of your baby brother and there was a forest fire and there was no quick escape routes?
  5. What is winter called in Ga'Hoole?
  6. Who was the first owl who tried to steal the great grass harp and what type of owl was he?
  7. Who was the singer at that time?
  8. Ga'Hoole, Pure Ones, or St. Aegolius?
  9. Which of these names would you like to have as your name if you were an owl?
  10. What would you have as an owl marking so that everyone knew who you were?
  11. Who is Nyroc a descendant of?
  12. What would you say you are like?

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