The Great LW Survivor Quiz

This is for A forum I am on, I have to try to stump them to win a challenge. This is made by Tavis, also known as Dance Inside. Tavis gets the credit of creating this once his account opens up again, but until then its from Dance Inside

Lets see if anyone not on that site can outsmart the ones on. They seem knowledgable, but I want to see if they are all around smart, from Science to Hockey to Music to Television

Created by: Tavis

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  1. Science: Balance and write this word equation into a chemical equation. Bromine Oxide + Hydrogen Sulfate = Hyrdroxide + Bromine
  2. Canadian History: Who was the first person, excluding the native americans, to travel from Europe to Canada, and travelled the Ottawa river while exploring?
  3. English: What was the name of the theatre that performed most of William Shakespeare's plays in the 16th century?
  4. French: What is Dog in French? (Don't cheat)
  5. Science: What happens when you mix Na with H2O?
  6. Random: How much Aspartame is in Diet Pepsi?
  7. Hockey: Name the past three NHL teams that won the Stanley Cup. (list like so: Winner of 2007. Winner of 2006. Winner of 2005.
  8. Hockey: Which NHL Goaltender has a boxer on his helmet?
  9. Hockey: Including the early 1900s, which team has won the most Stanley Cups?
  10. Hockey: Who is currently the New Jersey Devil's Captian
  11. Music: Who Origonally wrote Saturday Night's Alright for fighting?
  12. Television: What show is about Superman as a teenager, discovering his powers
  13. Television: Name the Cohen family in the O.c.
  14. On November 11th in Canada, what do we remember?
  15. LW: Who is contest manager

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