The Good Ol Days

Not many people can take the time to think out and research a trivia type quiz. it takes an individual that has a true quality to take a shot at getting the highest score possible. I took the quiz A True Ellwoodian on the site and scored an 80%. I attempted to make it a little harder.

To those of you who took the Ellwoodian quiz, I challange you to put forth another great effort to score high on my quiz The Good Ol Days! So take a deep breath and jump into the past for fun!

Created by: Mac McAnallen
  1. What Movie Theatre was next to Isaly's on Lawrence Ave?
  2. What was the name of the mascot for the Wolverines?
  3. What was the Green Man's actual name?
  4. The family that owned and operated the Majestic Theatre was.
  5. What Ellwoodian went on to be the manager of the Pirates?
  6. Rich and Ronnie Allen went on to play what professional sport, although they were 2 of Butler Hennons best.
  7. Where was the original location of the Soap Box Derby?
  8. For pizza in the ol days the hangout was.
  9. The area known as The Projects were located where?
  10. The gas station that was the place to hang out on fourth and franklin was.

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