The Fallen part 2

Hello again. I'm Dayna an i manke this quiz. I also made 'The Chosen' That was a test-run quiz (well, it is now). If you played that, I KNOW I SCREWED UP THE END! I also left things in answered, and there will be a part 16! ANYWAY, this is part 2 of my latest series. Enjoy.

To recap the last one - You are now 19. You have been kidnapped and you don't know why.You met 4 interesting guys, Max, Ryan, Nathan and William. You'll meet them more and see their backstory whilst handling your love and your normal life.

Created by: Dayna
  1. Ryan is 5 feet away from you. You are trying to get back to your feet at once when omeone tries to open the door, but Ryan locked it earlier. So they knock on the door and call in, "Ryan! Ryan! RYAN!" And they repeat themselves over and over again. Ryan ignores them. "You should stay away from Nathan, he's..." Ryan begins when they try to break the door down.
  2. Ryan unlocks the door, and opens it. It's another boy, you haven't spoken too. "What is it Will?" Ryan asks. "I got worried. I know what you're like." He sighs. He has dirty-blond hair, bluey green eyes, and glasses. "Oh! I'm Will, Nath said you're ___, right?" You nod and shake his hand. They leave.
  3. The boy that was yelling at nathan earlier passes your door. You smile as he look in, but he turns his head in disgust.You fall asleep. The next morning you get woken up by shouting. You get up and dressed quickly and rush towards the voices. It's Ryan and Nathan.
  4. "YOU'LL ALWAYS BE THE SAME RYAN!" Nathan shouts. "AT LEAST I'M NOT AFRAID TO TELL HER!" Then Will sees you, he walks past Ryan, who's still yelling and he rushes you out, closing the door behind him. "Ignore them. Let's get you some breakfast." You go into the kitchen. "What's all that about?" You ask. "Oh that? Nothing, but they've never been the best of friends." He laughs, trying to make you laugh too, but fails. "It hardly seemes to be nothing." You sigh. William hands you a plate of toast and he sits with you as they shouting gets louder.
  5. You think back. "Will, what did 'At least I'm not afraid to tell her' mean?" He looks up at you quickly. "Well, it's long. We can explain later to you." "Is this why I'll be safer here?" You ask, he nods.
  6. Soon the shouting stops and Ryan storms into the kitchen. "Now Will no more waiting!" He growls angrily. "____, let's go." Will says and they go back into the other room. They sit you on a brown leather sofa. They call Max, who you assume is the other guy.
  7. The other guy, max, comes in and they close the door. "Now ____, you're here because you're in danger..." Nathan begins calmly. "Cut the Crap! ____, You're gunna die without our help!" Max says, and then leaves. You're ...
  8. Then Ryan and Nathan leave. Will looks around to make sure they're gone. "_____, I can help you live. I know why you're here."
  9. He pushes his glasses further up his nose. "You're special, you've got a power. Don't worry, we all have powers. But yours is...different."
  10. "What is it William? And can you help me use it?" You ask him. "I can help you. You're The Fallen."

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