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  • Hiyarr I am from Blackburn in england I wish that j could meet you guys because I am thee biggest fan EVA I love u all love joejonas212

    Jobros fan121 May 11 '10, 5:55PM
  • i am 13 will joe date me?????????

    gunn Mar 21 '10, 7:37AM
  • hey plz date me joe ur the coolest , hottest and the funniest guy i have ever seen i love dear!!!!!!!!!

    gunn Mar 21 '10, 7:36AM
  • hay fay5545, don't talk about people like that! Nick is just as much a human as you are! You wouldn't like it if someone said that about you and you had his life! Not only is he a rock star, which is stressful itself i can imagine, he has diabetes, he's on a tv show, and he has to deal with normall things, like school, girls, family, ect. So back off and grow up!!!!!

    joejonas1 Jan 3 '10, 8:34PM
  • i think joe jonas is so hot.he is the hottest guy i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    bgjhbgjvj Jan 24 '09, 9:34PM
  • has Joe ever dated a 9 year old?

    aristeo Jun 8 '08, 2:51PM

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