The EXTREMELY Accurate "Personality" Test

Hello beautiful humans of this beautiful earth. What's up guys? I'm here with a personality test. (Bit off from my niche, I know.) Unlike other personality test, this quiz cares about what YOU like and the results are processed based on YOUR choice.

Answer the following questions, please. (You can take a pen and paper or just do it in your mind.) For more accurate results, think of each question carefully and then answer.

Created by: Jeeshan of The Skill Hub
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  1. **NOTE**: Answer the following questions in your mind.
  2. What's your favorite animal? Write it in your mind or on a paper.
  3. Give four qualities (adjectives) to answer why you like this animal.
  4. What's your favorite color?
  5. Give four qualities to answer why you like this color.
  6. What's your favorite movie?
  7. Again, give four adjective to answer why you like this movie.
  8. Now the magic happens... click on "Submit".

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