Test Your Prettiness

OK, this is my first quiz in this place.. and I just decided to make this quiz to boost people's self esteem (Haha am I kidding myself?) Please don't write mean comments and stuff.. I'm really fragile.. haha XD

There are awesome beautiful amazing people in this world and all it counts is what's inside you not out! If you have a good personality then you're beautiful inside and out! If you have a sucky personality then get lost I don't care if you're pretty or not!

Created by: Miku
  1. You think you are...
  2. You think your best feature is...
  3. People often compliment...
  4. Your hair is...
  5. Your weight?
  6. Do you like wearing makeup?
  7. How many boyfriends in your lifetime?
  8. Do you think this quiz is stupid (no effect on the score)
  9. get ready for the ultimate question!!!think fast!!! (no effect on the score)
  10. jk .. it was a random thingy just so i could fill up 12 questions.. just one last. Do you like L.joe of Teen Top? (no effect on the score)

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Quiz topic: Test my Prettiness