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Are you as epic as you think u r? lets find out...why are you still reading this go!!! Go take the quiz!!!! right now!!!! I'm just filling up space to get to one hundred fifty characters lol

Take this quiz to find out just how epic you really are!!!! To be epic, you need 3 qualities. Randomness, craziness, and awesomeness! It helps to be smart but you dont hafta so dont worry!!! Now take teh quiz :}

Created by: anglefishxD

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you think of the TV show, "State of Georgia?"
  2. why r u taking this quiz?
  3. whats ur favorite thing to do?
  4. okkk guys this is the last question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. the way you lie a pricless persian rug on a rich mans floor...
  6. so r u gunna comment? ^-^ pwease?
  7. this is mah first quiz so ummm ya srry if it suckkks lol
  8. 10TH QUESTION! Sup yo?
  9. wat type of quiz should i make next?
  10. Whats ur opinion on obama?
  11. OK so the quiz is over now n i know ur results. You wanna see em?

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