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  • yay i affirmed something i already know. i dont cut ( ya know parents would notice, same w/ piercings cause we go to this church thats sort of restrictive) but I do appreciate it a whole heck of a lot, and have considered cutting, suicide, all that, just never went out with it.

    I think of emo as sort of being edgy, unique, with a cool personality

  • i got i am emo which is true but.. i dont cut my wrists but i do cut my legs, sometimes maybe upper arms because i have no way to hide the cuts on my wrist. i mean i am so forgetful i will forget i cut there and my mom or dad will see and all hell will break loose..

  • haha im emo! lolz =P i dont really abide by stereotypes, though =/ anyway, i love people who are different and can be themselves, and if you are one to categorize people, you MIGHT call them emo. whatever xD people are people are people, PEOPLE! xDDD

  • I don't cut my wrists but im emo.. My dad won tort my wear eyeliner:( I just hate the feeling of cutting my wrists. Think about it... A sharp blade slotting your wrists... Wouldn't that hurt? Ah I'm feel got thinking about it EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW owh it hurts it feel weird ugh EW

  • im emo

  • i liked your quiz !! i got emo=)!
    i don't cut


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