The elemental test

This epic quiz will test your elemental knowlage and you will have fun! Watching avatar: The last airbender will not help! you will be roughly tested!

The elements are a great force and you just might need to know a whole lot about them can save the world in a catastrophe! this will be awsome so lets go!

Created by: RRR

  1. Is water a masculin element?
  2. what is the animal that represents the water element
  3. what is the element\direction arrangment?
  4. what is the rainiest season in the siroh region?
  5. what is the sub-element of water?
  6. what is the sub-element of earth?
  7. what is the element that only men can have?
  8. are dogs dumb?
  9. are cats dumb?
  10. and finally,what is the element with cunning and intelligent in the list of traits?

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