The Edgy Political Quiz

Tumblr. MTV. Clever branding. Young people are deeply interested in political affairs but increasingly often I find that the number who actually understand ideological terms and the workings of politics is a lot smaller than we assume.

Hopefully, this quiz will change that. Who knows? Take it. Find out if you be wise, or if you be a fiesty Tumblr user whose only political activity consists of reblogging compliments aimed at Hillary Clinton based solely on her gender and handling of social media.

Created by: burp
  1. In 2016, Dennis Skinner (Lab: Bolsover) was ejected for his famous "Dodgy Dave" remark. What was the reasoning behind his ejection?
  2. As of the 2015 general election, which of these parties had the most left-wing platform?
  3. Which of these political figures is regarded as massively significant in the historical development of feminism?
  4. In 2015, the UK Government approved air strikes against targets in Syria. What was the official reasoning for this?
  5. Which ideological term most accurately describes the Labour Party?
  6. Which ideological term, aside from Green politics itself, most accurately describes the Green Party?
  7. Which ideological term most accurately describes the Liberal Democrats?
  8. Which ideological term most accurately describes the SNP?
  9. Which pair of towns in Berkshire are working class?
  10. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has faced a lot of criticism from the American left. Why is this?

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