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  • I'm not THAT dumb??! That's rude. Study a little harder?! I'm top of my class thank you very much and in multiple advanced learning groups in school. Stop supporting the unscientific, false, horrible rumor and joke about blondes. I'm blonde and proud and 44% dumb?! I'm 0% dumb. Why did I take the quiz then? Because my friend read the questions and anwsers off my phone without telling me what it was. I'm usually not like this but this really got me mad. Don't mind the username, it kept autocorrecting what I wanted to type so I finally just left it.

  • umm sorry to disappoint you but not all blondes are stupid! everyone is just jealous of us because they wish they could have long luscious beautiful blonde hair. ive never made below a 95 in my life and im in all AP classes. im probably smarter than most brunettes, and red heads put together.

  • blondebabe said:brunettes are more smarter than blondes we all are equal all ignerent people don't now that.That is why are racism , natonalism . that why the world is like that God create us no to be perfect he is the only one in the world,galaxy

  • You are 60% Dumb =)

    You need to go back to school and do some studying, because your genius score is very low! Hit the books then come back to try again."

    Puppy xo1
  • You are 91% Dumb =)

    Your quite a dumb blond there. Well. If you really are a brunette, I would suggest you see a therapist!

    well i need 2 sea a the-rapist.

  • 56% ???

  • ha yall


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