The DownFall - part 5

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Sorry! Sorry it took me a day. I've been having these awful headaches for the past three weeks and can't get rid of them. Anyway, WARNING! This one includes extreme Elmo humor.

lalalala lalalala... Elmo's world. Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street? * sings in a high pitched voice that sounds like Elmo with laryngitis.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***RECAP*** He held me there, his warm breath warming my face as I hugged him like there was no tomorrow. "Nick, I.. You're alive." I whispered, unable to raise my voice any higher. "I... I thought you died, Ash! Cash... He said he killed you. I missed you so much." he gaped, still in just as much shock as I was. " I missed you too, Nick." I croaked, giving him a smile that lit up his face. I gently pulled out of his embrace, turning to face the others. "Guys, I owe you my life right now. " I whispered, pulling them all into a hug.
  2. "Ash, may I speak to you for a second? Alone?" Callisto asked, not even waiting for my answer. He quickly pulled me upstairs, into the room Rave and I had been in mere minutes ago. "Ash. I wasn't going to say anything, since we've just met, but... Ash, I really like you." he whispered, my stomach aching as I felt an overwhelming sense of confusion. I mean, I just found out Nick was alive this whole time, and I've already been kissed four times, and now... Callistos admitting his love for me?
  3. I gently put my hand to his chest, his breaths getting louder as he looked in shock, his shock melting as I gave him a smile. "Callisto, I like you too. You were the only one I trusted at first. I really do like you. It's just... Nick's here. It's got me all confused right now. But I really do like you." I whispered, keeping my eyes on his as he began to trace each curve on my face.
  4. "I get it Ash. I do." he whispered, his lips connecting with mine. I had no doubt in my mind that i had a crush on Callisto. As we continued to kiss, it got more passionate, his teeth occasionally biting my lip. "Ash!" a voice cried out, startling both of us. We quickly pulled away, my eyes wide as I realized who'd saw us. Nick. "Nick, I.. " I muttered, his face full of shock and his eyes full of sorrow as he raised a hand to shut me up. "No, I get it. You moved on, it's fine. I just wish you'd told me." he sighed, Callisto looking guiltily as he shook his head. "It's not like that, man. It's my fault, not hers." he insisted.
  5. I stared at him in shock, surprised he was willing to take the blame. "Oh. Um. Can I talk to you, Ash?" Nick asked. I gave a small nod, following him downstairs and out onto the front porch. " Nick. I really am sorry. I didn't know he was going to do that." I apologized, looking up at his adorable puppy dog eyes that twinkled as he gave a nod. "I understand. I was just hoping you'd be willing to be my girlfriend, but... I get it. We haven't seen each other in years and.." he started, my eyes cutting him off as I gave a smile. "Yes. I do want to be your girlfriend. I missed you so much. You don't even know how much it hurt to think you were gone." I whispered, looping my arms around his neck as he gave me a long, sweet kiss.
  6. "Ash. I love you. I want to be your one and only. But could we wait. Just... Just until Cash leaves me alone. He tried to kill me." he explained through kisses. " Yeah. I.. I get it. He tried to kill me too." I whispered, pulling away for breath. "What!? Are you okay!? Did he hurt you?!" he asked angrily, grabbing my wrists worriedly. "He.. He tried to shoot me. I got away though, but not before he burned my wrists. I'm okay though. These guys, they actually saved me." I explained, giving his jaw line a tender kiss to show I was okay. " So that's why you're here." he said. I gave a nod, before he gave me one last kiss. "Ash. I should just go. I have to go to school tomorrow, and it's really late." he said. " Tomorrow's a school day?" I asked. He gave a small nod. "It's the first day of school." he explained.
  7. "Really?" I asked, not knowing this. "Yeah. You still go, right?" he teased, giving my shoulder a nudge as I gave a sharp shake of my head. "Not since Ethan and I were together." I explained. " Oh. Well you should really go. It'd be nice to see a pretty face there." he whispered, giving a flirty smile that made us both laugh. " Nick. Flirting isn't your forte, obviously." I chuckled, watching him laugh hysterically. "You're right. I haven't really flirted since after Ethan told me you were dead. Anyway. You gonna go?" he asked. "I might. You'll just have to wait and find out." I flirted, giving him a small hug before pulling away and walking inside.
  8. " You'll just have to wait and find out." Adam mocked me as I shut the door on Nick. Blushing furiously, I dug my nails into my wrist, a nervous habit of mine. "You were listening to us!?" I shrieked, trying hard to look angry, but inside, I was giggling uncontrollably. " Well, it wasn't really our plan. The front windows open though, so... " he laughed, making me blush harder. " Oh.. Urm. Lucky you?" I stuttered nervously, pushing past him with a growl. " Come back, princess. I was just teasing you. We honestly expected more than flirting." he called after me, following me into the kitchen with a smile. "Oh? And what did you all expect?" I asked curiously. "This." he whispered.
  9. He carefully leaned in, his soft lips pressing against mine sending shocks of energy throughout my body as he continued to kiss me. I began to blush deeply as I realized I wasn't kissing him back, and immediately gave in, kissing him passionately. His strong arms wrapped around my lower back as he began to kiss me harder, my hands running through his hair. This was so much different than the other kisses I'd received. While everybody else seemed to kiss me softly, Adam wasn't scared to let his emotions control him. As we continued to kiss, he carefully pulled away, pinning me down to a small counter, the cold feeling of it making me shudder. He leaned in again, our stomachs firmly pressed against each other as he kissed me again.
  10. "Ash. You're so beautiful. The way your rare smiles light up the world. It's like my drug." he whispered into my ear, making me blush like crazy. "Thanks." I murmured, giving a half-Smile that made him blush furiously. " You're taunting me." he said, making me laugh a little. "Does that bother you?" I flirted, his face reddening as he shook his head. " And I thought I was the flirt around here. Looks like you're giving me a run for my money." he chuckled, pulling me into another kiss. " Ash?" he asked, finally pulling away from me, helping me to my feet. " Yeah?" I asked. "I just want to let you know that I... I hope everything works out for you. You know, with school and stuff. If you're going, that is." he stammered, a little nervous about something. " You're so awkward." I teased, leaving the room with a pleased smirk.
  11. Sauntering upstairs, I climbed into bed, closing my eyes with a pleases smile. Why couldn't I just marry my bed? I began to laugh at the thought of a marriage to a bed, my eye lids getting heavy. " Aw crud." I murmured, falling asleep.
  12. ***The next morning***School. I quickly pulled myself off of the luscious mattress, giving it a playful kiss before going into the small closet and pulling out..
  13. After pulling on my outfit, I sauntered downstairs to the kitchen, the boys playfully shoving each other as they fought to get large portions of sausage and bacon. "Leave some for me." I insisted, their heads turning as I spoke. I turned a bright red as they stared wide eyed in my direction. "Would you not?" I murmured, taking a seat on a small bar stool and grabbing a piece of sausage. They gave small laughs as we all finished breakfast in silence, but I could feel them staring at me as I ate. "Come on, we'll be late." Jax insisted, tugging a backpack over one shoulder, giving a cute smile as he motioned for me to walk out first. "Uh. No way. You all can go first." I insisted. He gave a small frown. "Why not?" he asked. "I'm not stupid, guys. I may be extremely insane, but I'm not stupid." I chuckled, pushing them out ahead of me.
  14. "Aww man. You're too smart for us, love" Jason whined, turning to wink at me. " Oh hush." I sighed, stepping in front of them so they'd be quiet. " Oh my lord of hot buns!" I heard a voice shout , making me blush extremely hard as I tried not to laugh. " Devin!" Castillo scolded, giving his arm a rough punch. "No, I didn't mean it like that! I meant Lord of Hot Buns, the fast food place. They have one of those little vehicle things." he blushed, making me laugh hysterically. "You mean a food truck?" I asked with a laugh. "Yeah!" he exclaimed.
  15. *** Twenty minutes later***We'd finally gotten to school, a little late thanks to Devin, who had convinced us to stop at the food truck for some rolls. Our stomachs full of rolls, we walked into the school, the halls crowded with students who moved aside as we walked in with confident looks. "Ash, look at that group of girls." Jax insisted, pointing to a group of orange girls who were glowering down at me as I arched my brow challengingly. "Those Cheetos?" I asked. "Yeah. Those are the populars. Or as I like to call them, the poptarts." he laughed, nudging my arm as we walked into the main office."How may I help you all?" the lady at the desk asked, giving me a frown as she saw my outfit. "Sweetie. There's a dress code here. You're breaking several rules." she informed me with a tight smile. "Sorry, ma'am, but unless you want me to run around here in my birthday suit, you'll just have to adjust those rules." I said, smiling sweetly.
  16. The guys stared at me in shock, the desk lady just as surprised. " I don't mind seeing you in your birthday suit." Adam teased, trying to break the awkward silence. "Detention for you miss... " she said, not knowing my name. " Ashley. Ashley Ramirez." I informed her, rolling my eyes at her in disgust. "Well then Ashley, you'll be going to detention after school." she said, handing us our schedules. "Yeah, yeah Java the Hut." I huffed, the boys quickly dragging me out before I got in more trouble. " Ash! You're already making a bad impression!" Cain sighed angrily, obviously a stickler for rules. " Really? I didn't notice." I murmured, a group of cute boys walking up to us, giving me a smile. " You new here?" the cutest of the guys, obviously the leader, asked. "Yeah." I said, trying hard to ignore the glares that Jax and the others gave. " I'm Detroit, and these are my brothers, Kristoff, Cole and Dex." he said, holding his hand out for me to shake. "I'm Ashley, but I prefer Ash." I explained, accepting his hand shake. "Come on, Ash. We're going to be late!" Cain whined, pulling me away by my arm.
  17. "See you around!" Detroit called after me. " Sure." I said, turning to frown at Cain who still was holding onto my arm. "Cain. Hands off, you're making my arm sore." I whined, his face darkening as he frowned deeply. " Well you're flirting is sickening. Trust me, we did you a favor." he insisted, the others giving a nod in agreement. "Flirting!? Eww! Guys! I don't go around flirting with every guy I meet. Who knows where they've been." I winced, hurt that they thought I'd been flirting in front of them. " Just get to class. We only have art together." Adam informed me, giving a sad smile as they all walked away in separate directions.
  18. Wow. Way to just leave me all alone. By myself. In a new school. Sweet boys. I gave a frustrated sigh, sashaying around, totally lost, a small cough scaring me half to death. "First day?" a voice asked. "Um, yeah." I said, turning to face the hottest guy I'd ever seen. He looked like Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron and Shawn Mendes all mixed together., and let me just say this... He was smoking hot. "Here. Let me see your schedule." he said in a smooth voice, taking my schedule into his hands. "Oh nice. We have the first three classes together, so I can just escort you there." he grinned, motioning for me to follow.
  19. **CLIFFHANGER**Sorry, this felt extremely long.

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