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Created by: Tremendus
  1. Hello!
  2. This is a quiz about my Golden Retriever doggos! Sally (girl) and Cali! (boy)
  3. Cali was named after the state of the US state, California! Sally, though, was named by me.
  4. Cali and Sally are both ABSOLUTELY, TRULY, COMPLETELY full of energy! But when they played too much, they are unhesitant for a good night's nap.
  5. Cali occurs to be scared of the vet sometimes, while Sally is far from the stats of Cali!
  6. Cali and Sally are different. Sally can be shy sometimes, but if you rub her on the back, She will totally get along with ya! Cali is the opposite. He is mostly an extrovert.It depends if the dog is happy or sad.
  7. and I oop- Sally is here! Sally: woof woof! (i love you!)
  8. And Cali! Ask something! Cali: woof woof! (what's your favorite color?) THIS QUESTION IS OVERPOPULAR! But these are the dogs of the day, so..
  9. They both like the MILK-BONE Brand of dog food!
  10. BOIII!!

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