the best dream pet

What kind of dog should you get? Take this quiz to see. It's a super fun quiz. Just try it out for yourself! You never know what your results might say about you.

my dogs name is chuma. he is one year old. he is named after chuma okeke a basket ball player for auburn university. he is a golden doddle! He is the most precious dog ever!

Created by: cece Tolbert
  1. what would your job be in 20 years ?
  2. what pet would you have ?
  3. What kind of food would you feed your pet?
  4. what type of dog would you have ?
  5. How many treats would you give your dog ?
  6. What do you think your pet likes to do while you are at school or work?
  7. does your dog bark ?
  8. Does your dog chew a lot?
  9. What is your favorite color dog or cat?
  10. How many pets would you have?

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