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  • Decided to come back after a while and see how much I retained. Praise God! Nothing lost. I scored 100% This quiz has caused me to seek out other names for God and I have found seven more. On a quest to find other names for God.

    ShirlAnn Aug 13 '16, 4:02PM
  • Rejoicing in progress. Prepared weeks to take this quiz, The last time I took it I scored 93%. This time, it was 100%. Thanks for spiritual growth.

    ShirlAnn Apr 2 '16, 4:56PM
  • Dear Sir,
    Regret to say that I hadn't seen the Answers before.
    Now I feel my earlier comment is not relevant and hence
    may kindly be treated as withdrawn & cancelled and may be deleted. Thanks.

    philip2013 Dec 31 '12, 1:14PM
  • Dear Sir, If the choices are incorrect,I feel then an option as "None of the above" should have been included, else the most nearest meaning could have been cponsidered as correct.
    Thanks anyways.
    With regards,

    philip2013 Dec 31 '12, 12:58PM
  • one question cannot be answered because the choices are incorrect. . Jehovah or Yahweh means.
    He Heals
    His majesty
    God of peace
    My provider
    YHWH, the letters that spell God's name in Hebrew derive from His telling Moses that His name is "I Am." So it seems that either you left off a qualifying name to go with Yahweh or Jehovah, or you are mistaken on this one. Humbly submitted.

    RLB Oct 13 '10, 2:45AM

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