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Heyo!I just made this just for fun.This is going to be a sad story so be warned.So the rest of the information you can get in the first question.So just don't forget to comment and rate.

This story is about a girl named Tarali.She is a depressed teen.She meets a guy name Jordan who insist on becoming friends with her.Will Jordan be able to make her happy once again?Or will he fail miserably?

Created by: destinyrose
  1. Hey everyone.I just made this just for fun and there probobly will not be a part two.Well it depends on if people like it or not.Comment and tell me what you think.I also migth quit Visionary or start the whole thing over.I will probobly start it over.The same characters will be in the story.It will be the same storyline.But I will clean up the rough edges.So anyway let me start the story.This is going to be a sad story by the way.
  2. "DOG GET ME SOME MORE WINE."My mother shouts.I come downstairs in my old and ragedy black skirt and messy white T-shirt.I grab her glass and go to the kicthen.Dog is what my step parents called me.Once I was done I gave her the glass.She spit it out as soon as she sipped it"THIS IS THE RONG ONE!"She threw the glass at me.I dodged it but just barely."YOU USELESS DOG.THINGS LIKE YOU HAVE NO USE ON THIS EARTH!ESPECIALLY YOU!YOU CAN'T EVEN POUR A DECENT GLASS OF WINE WITHOUT SCREWING IT UP!"She hollars.She comes over and slaps me."I'm sorry ."I apologize quietly."You should be.Now go clean up that mess!"She says sternly.I go to get a broom and dustpan."WITH YOUR HANDS!"She yells.I go over and pick up the small glass shards.I get several cuts on my hands.Once I am done I throw them in the garbage.Next I get a sponge and some stain remover and start scrubbing the carpet.It takes me half an hour for me to scrub the wine off of the floor.My hands are burning like they are on fire.I go back down to a small closet down in the basement.This is where I sleep.I was never even given anything to lay on.Later that nigth I can hear my mother and father yelling."They must be drinking again."I think."DOG!GET UP HERE NOW!"My dad yells from upstairs.I go upstairs"Yes father."I reply quietly.Then he pushes me down and ducktapes me to the floor.I see my mom holding a knife.
  3. My scream is muffled by the tigth ducktape on my mouth.My parents usually take their anger out on me,especially when they have been drinking.My dad grabs a bottle of rubbing alchohol.I feel a sharp pain in my stomach.Tears start to come out of my eyes.The knife is cutting in a certain formation.It seems like she is trying to spell something.She also cuts my arms,legs anf face.She puts a mirror in front of my face.All over my body says dog ecxept for my face."Now we wouldn't want that to get infected would we."My dad says with an evil smirk on his face.He starts untwisting the cap on the alchohol.I am screaming and crying as he pours it all over the cuts.It feels like I am on fire.I am surrounded by a pool of blood.I was lucky to even be alive.My dad untapes me from the ground trying not to be gentle.He almost rips my lips off when he untapes my mouth."Well now you will never forget what you are.Even though the scars will eventually go away.You will never forget this day.You are a useless worthless dog.You have no use on this planet.If you go out into the world nobody want you.You are stupid,foolish and worthy of death.Me and your father are sinning just by keeping you alive."My mother says.I actually believed her.I had decided I have had enough.I am running away.
  4. My name my real name is Tarali(Ta-ra-lee)I have black hair with purple streaks.My eyes are dark grey.Yes I am stereotyped emo,I hate stereotypical people.I have no memories prior to age 10.My first memory was when I was in a house on a couch.There where two people standing above me."Who are you?"I ask.The tell me they are my parents and that I was their servant.My first memory,I have always wondered about my past.I live in Minnesota in an alley.I have no home I live on the streets.I am 16 and I do go to school.I have no friends I don't need them.People are cold hearted and cruel,just like this world.The only emotions I feel are sorrow,depression,anger and,hate.I don't even know what joy feels like.All of the feelings inside me built up and I could not take it anymore.I eventually stated smoking.Once I stated I could not stop.That's all you need to know about me.
  5. I wake up in the cold alley.Sometimes I wish I don't wake up.I stand up and ligth a cigarette.Five minutes later I put it out and walk to the nearest gas station.I go in there and brush my teeth and hair.I change into a black and red striped T-shirt that says M.C.R on it black skinny jeans and a grey hoodie.I put my hood up and walk to school.I make it just in time,I enter with my head down."Hey freakalie."I hear Amber's voice say."Why does she always have her head down?"Her little assistant Lesley asks so everyone can hear."Cuase if she shows her face it will paralize everyone by how ugly it is.She is like the modern medusa."She answers.Everyone in the hall starts luaghing.Amber has ligth blonde hair and blue eyes.She thinks she rules everyone cuase everyone drools over her.Lesley is her little wannabe minion.She has reddish brown hair and brown eyes."You know you are really calm Tarali and I don't like it.I will get to you Tarali mark my words.You also reak of the smell of cigarettes."She says evily.I kind of like how much I get under her skin.My first class is history.I sit in the back in a dark corner.Nobody sits by me usual but I don't care."Class we have a new student joining us today."Mr.Sander announces.A boy with dark brown hair and deep green eyes comes it the room.He is wearing black jeans an a red T-shirt with an angry bird on it."Hi my name is Jordan.I come from seattle.My mom got a promotion so we moved to Minnesota."He explains."Well it is nice to meet you Jordan.You can take a seat next to Tarali."Mr.Sander instructs.
  6. He comes and sits down at the desk next to mine.Some girls are staring at him like he is a movie star or something.I look at him for a second.When he cacthes me I quickly look away.I can tell he is still looking at me.I just keep my head down and pretend not to notice."Ok class as you all know we have been studying ancient empires.Well we are going to do a project on Ancient Rome.You will need to make a poster,a diorama and write a 10 page report."He explains."This will be a partner assignment I will let you choose your partner's this time.Oh and Tarali,there is enough people so you can have a partner this time.""Yeah...great"I think to myself.Everyone starts to get up and walk around the class.A few girls ask Jordan to work with them but he turns them all down.Rigth when he is about to turn to me Amber stands rigth in front of him."Hey new boy.You should hang out with me if you want to be in the cool crew.You also should not hang out with that freak over there."She says pointing at me."Well that may be your opinion.But I haven't met her yet so I can decide for myself."He responds as politely as possible.But I can tell he is a bit annoyed."Ok fine do what you want."She says giving me an evil glare."So Tarali,rigth."He says."Why did you do that?"I ask him with no emotion in my tone."Do what?"He asks."You just turned down Amber Kaylee,the most popular girl in school.You are lucky she even likes you.You could have been one of the coolest guys in school."I reply.
  7. "Well she seems kind of stuck up.I don't like pretty girls with snotty attitudes and you just seem so..alone."He answers.I don't even know what to say to him.Nobody has ever cared if I was a loner."I don't need your empathy!"I snap back.I did not mean to say that.I just blurted it out.But he just grins at me."Ok everyone stand by your partner."The teacher instructs.Jordan stands next to me almost bumping into me.Amber is stuck with the gross and stinky kid.She shoots me a glare that says"I will get you for this!".The next three classes go by quickly.The only class that I take a small liking too is art.
  8. I sit in the back as usual.I am just now noticing how Jordan was in every one of my classes.I hoped he wasn't in this one.Unfortunetly he was"Of course."I mumbled under my breath.The teacher tells us to paint something.I grab a paint set and a few diffrent sized paintbrushes.I end up painting the alley,I am sitting there on a trash bin nobody uses.There are the boxes,the soda cans even the cat that sometimes comes to visit me."That is a really nice painting."I hear Jordan's voice coming from above me."Leave me alone."I say not even bothering to look up at him."You know I am not going to give up rigth."He says grinning."Do what you want my answer is not changing.I don't need friends or a boyfriend and I don't need you."That came out meaner than I intended."Well that is not going to change my mind."He says going back to his seat.I get a quick glimpse of his painting.It is a Japanese letter inside of a peace sign.He is a little bit of a good artist.A few minutes later class is over and it's off to lunch.
  9. When I get to the lunchroom I sit at my usual table.It is in the corner away from everyone and any windows.I sit down and just wait for lunch to be over."Just 25 more minutes to go."I mumble.Five minutes later Jordan comes and sits across from me."What did I tell you earlier."I say this time sounding a bit agravated."I remember what you said.I hope you remember what I said."he replies."There are plenty of other people to make friends with here.Just go sit with Amber and her cool crew."I tell him."No I don't care about being popular.I don't care that Amber wants me to be in her cool crew."He says looking me dead in the eye.I get up and walk into the hall.He follows me and grabs my arm."Tarali look at me."He says with a serious look in his eyes."I am not asking to be your boyfriend or anything like that.Look I know you don't like people that much and that you don't want friends.But please can you just give me a chance?"Those words sunk in."Give him a chance." I thougth.
  10. Cliffhanger!If you want me too rigth more of these please comment.Again I migth start Visionary all over again.So please comment and rate.Peace out!

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