The Darkness Part 1

TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH IN SECOND PARAGRAPH Salut. Bine Ai Venit la intuneric Partea 1. Aceasta urmeaz via a de 19de ani Raven, care este o cuplare, i poate transforma intr-o adevarata lupul. Te rog spune-mi ce crezi de acest lucru dup ce citi i. AM lucrat din greu pe aceasta. Comentarii, rate, cite te, feedback, sunt appreicated. Striga-vor fi imprimate í®npartee urm toare. Bucura i-v!

Hello. Welcome to The Darkness Part 1. This follows the life of 19-year old, Raven, who is a shifter, and can turn into a real wolf. Please tell me what you think of this after you read. I've worked hard on this. Comments, rates, reads and feedback are appreicated. Shout-outs will be in the next part. Enjoy!

Created by: Alleria

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  1. December 25, 2004 THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS MAMA ONCE TOLD ME TO NEVER GO OUT BY MYSELF, alone in the woods. Of, course, I was only a child, ten at the time and I didn't listen. I was bitten by a wolf. I endured pain at first then nothing. When I changed...I felt free. Like nothing ever could go wrong. Of course... I was wrong. Very wrong. They came at night with thier guns. I smelled them, thier hearts thundering in my ears, the dogs baying and growling. Mama grabbed me and Rase, my little sister, crawling with us in the tunnels, while Daddy got the gun and stood above ground. The hunters killed him on sight. Mama weeped as we crawled. I found the trapdoor, and we raced across the snowy ground. I heard Rase shout out for Mama as a gunshot echoed through the air and the sound of body hitting the ground; I grabbed her arm and we ran. Another gunshot sounded, Rase cried out and fell dragging me down. I screamed as her nails dug into my skin. "Run, Raven," she wheezed. I looked at her and as much as it pained me, I ran. Away from my home, my sister, my family, my life. Tears ran down my cheeks, my bare feet hitting the snow. My heart thundered in my ears. I leapt into the air, my body twisting around almost gracefully... I came down a wolf.
  2. PRESENT DAY---DECEMBER 2, 2013 I jog swiftly, moving past the trees keeping in rythum with the beat of the music, my long black hair flying behind me. My eyes wander at my surroundings. I listen, turning the volume up more. I jump over a fence, leap over a parked car, then hit the ground again. I look around quickly to make sure no one is watching. I continue running. I jog up the stairs, and pause. I sniff the air. HE is here. I sigh, then push the door open, walking inside. I see Daniel, perched on the windowsill, peeling a orange. "Raven," he greets me. "What're you doing here?" I ask, crossing my arms, not bothering to greet him back. "Raven!"my Aunt Sara ambolishes. "Behave! And greet your fianceé properly." "No, it's alright, Sara. She's young. She'll get the hang of manners soon,"Daniel smiles,his cold dark brown eyes staring at me. He knows I don't want to marry him, but he's insisting more time with him will make me like him. Like h***. He slips off the windowsill, handing Aunt Sara the orange then, places a kiss on my lips. I try not to duck, and shiver with disgust. "See you at the Hunt tonight, Raven," he says, then leaves. That's it? That's all he came for? I sigh, then walk to my room, collasping on my bed.
  3. Aunt Sara comes in and sits on my bed. I sigh, rolling onto my side. I really don't need a lecture right now. "Why don't you like Daniel? He's been nothing but kind and good to you." I roll back over facing her. "Oh, gee. I don't know. Maybe 'cause he's 3 years older than me, or maybe 'cause he's the Alpha or maybe it's just the plain fact that he picks up innocent people for the Hunt. That's why I don't like him, Aunt Sara. I don't like killing people that way. Making them run for thier lives as we chase's not right." She sighs, reaching out to stroke my hair. "I was like that once. Royce... I didn't like him at all, until he saved me from the Hunters...When they shot me, I was lucky he was there, or else I'd been dead. He took care of me... I loved him," she tells me. "Yeah, but that was Royce. He was always like that to you. I know he loved you a lot, Aunt Sara, but you didn't have to worry about Royce being the Alpha,and... having expected to have kids with him... I'm not ready." She sighs again. I go to my closet, pulling out a clean (black v-neck) shirt and some dark blue ripped jeans. I change in my bathroom, then Aunt Sara leaves. I close my eyes, lying on my bed. I fall asleep, listening to "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie.
  4. "Wake up, Rave. Wake your ass up!" a voice calls out, drawing me out from my dreamless sleep. I blink, sitting up, pushing my black hair from my face. A face is in front of me. "Woof," the boy says, smirking. "Ha-ha. Very funny," I say, standing up, yawning, and stretching. "What're doing here, Drew?" Drew smiles. He pushes his short straight brown hair out of his dark brown eyes, straightning up. "Daniel expects you to be at the Hunt. You know he wants you there. You're the fianceé of the Alpha. You know how bad it would look if you're not there, Raven." "Gee, I didn't need know my whole life story," I joke with sarasm. He looks at my clothes, raising a eyebrow. "You're seriously wearing that?" I glance down, then back to him. "What's wrong with this?" "Nothing," he replies. He turns, looking out my window, presumingly looking up at the moon. I think I see the faint shimmer of bright silver in his dark brown eyes, before he spins around. Drew smirks,then hugs me. "One day, sooner or later, you need to join the Hunt. You need food, Raven." "I'm not a killer," I tell him. Drew steps back, placing a hand on my chin, forcing me to look at him. "I didn't say you were, Raven. But it's the way of our lives. You need to survive." He drops his hand. "I'll be downstairs," he mumbles softly, before turning and exiting. I sigh. I walk to the mirror, checking myself, brushing my hair, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Drew, even though he was 24, has been my friend ever since I've known I was a shifter.(Daniel calls us "werewolves").Drew is also in love with me, but I don't love him back.I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever fall in love with someone. Drew'll flirt with me now and then but doesn't really make a move. I cleanse my face,then head downstairs after telling Aunt Sara goodbye. Drew is waiting for me, leaning against his sleek black Porsche. We get in,and begin to drive towards the forest.
  5. As we drive, I watch Drew, who's silent. I often asked when I first got the courage, how it felt when he was bitten. He'd never replied. I hear the howls nearby distantly. We reach the small clearing nearby the river. I stand in my usual place, while Drew joins the large pack. Once a year we have what's called the Hunt, where we tranform into our wolf side, to hunt, to survive. Daniel, lures innocent people here that he'll think "no one will miss". It's sick, making them run for thier lives as we chase them as wolves, then kill and eat them. Other packs gather together for this as a treaty. Footsteps approach; Daniel appears on the big rock. We kneel, baring our necks. I hesitate, then repeat the action. Daniel nods, smiling. He glances at me for a second, before looking away. "Rise." We do. "Welcome," he begins, awkloding the other Alphas. "We have gathered here on this one night once again. The Hunt will begin shortly. But first, I want my beautiful fianceé, Raven---" Sh--. "---to come up here to a minute." He gestures me to stand by him. I really don't, but I have to. I walk towards him and he entwines our hands. I try hard not to grimace in disgust. "My fianceé and I have decided to change the rules of the Hunt." Wait, what? I never agreed to a such thing! "Instead of the humans reaching the pine tree, we have decided to let them try to cross the river. That is all. Bring the human out."
  6. I look at the large pack, whom some are smiling and chuckling greedily. I make eye contact with Drew. He gives me the look I know so well; then I look away. I will not join him. I hear the muffled screams of a girl, who is being dragged out by her hair, hands tied together by rope. She's young, 15 or so. I close my eyes, trying not to think of the pain and torture she will endure. I hope for her sake, her death will be swift. I meet Drew's eyes. He gives me a slight nod. He will be the one to end her suffering. I know he likes it but he knows I can't stand hurting people like this. Daniel lets go of my hand, as two guys force the girl to her knees. One man hands Daniel a short knife. She gives me this look full of fear. I want to help her...I want to help her, but I can't. She stares at me for a long time, before Daniel stands in front of her. I look down at the rock I'm standing on. I hear Daniel rip off her gag. "How old are you?" he asks calmly. "13," she replies shakily. I hear her wince as the blade cuts into her hands when Daniel cuts the rope, then her blood is the air. I swallow, shutting my eyes, trying to control my breathing. "If you cross the river, your life will be spared, understand? If you don't..." he lets the sentence hang in the air. "Five second headstart." The girl takes off, into the forest, her feet hitting the dirt. We can smell her, her blood, her sweat, her fear... I open my eyes to see the others taking off after her. Drew gives me a look of pity before jogging into the forest. Daniel turns and smiles. He holds out a hand to me. I look at him. After five minutes, his face hardens, drops his hand, then takes off. I am alone. The girl's screams fill the air, as I walk stotically back to Drew's car. I slip in the back, shutting the door. I can still hear her, begging, pleading, crying... Then they stop, and there's nothing but the growling, snapping of wolves. I break down, placing my head in my hands, sobbing.
  7. Drew carries me up the stairs. I must've fallen asleep without realizing it. He nudges the door open with his foot, then lays me on my bed, taking off my shoes, my jacket, then places the blanket on top of me. My eyes flutter close, and I fall asleep again. The sound of a door closing awakens me and I fall onto the floor, letting out a yelp. Drew walks in as I get to my feet. He leans against the doorframe, arms crossed. "Hey, Raven," he says quietly. I don't look at him, avoiding eye contact. After all, he did kill a girl last night. I hear him sigh, then walk over to the edge of my bed, sitting on it. "Raven... look at me please." I continue to stare down at my hands. I don't see him reach out and place his fingers on my face. He raises my head, wiping away a tear I didn't know I have. We look at each other, then all of a sudden he pulls me to him, arms wrapping around me. I start crying again, sobbing into his shirt. His chin rests on top of my head, as he strokes my hair. "It's okay. Reasa's in a better place now." He knows her name? "She didn't deserve to die like that. She was a young girl," I sob. He's thinking. "Raven?" Aunt Sarah's voice calls out suddenly. We immediately break apart, and I frantically wipe my tears away with my hands. Drew leaps up from the bed, standing ,walking and leaning against the window. If Aunt Sara saw us hugging, she would be pissed. And then tell Daniel. She walks in. "Hey, guys." She stops, narrowing her eyes, looking at me, then to Drew, then back to me. "Nevermind," she says. "Raven, can you go and work today at the shop when I leave? I'd really appreicate it honey." I nod. She smiles, grateful. "TE iubesc, Raven. Vise dulci. TE voi mai tarziu, te descurci?" she says in Romanian, then leaves, her footsteps fading away. (I love you, Raven. Sweet dreams. I'll see you later, alright?) I sigh.
  8. Drew looks out the window, probably watching my aunt leave. "She's gone," he says after a minute. "How did you know her name?" I ask, thinking, glancing up at him. He frowns, confused. "Who?" "Reasa. The girl?" I prompt. "I don't know. Her name just popped in my head. I... I don't know. Look, you better get to the shop, Raven, or she's going to kill you," Drew replies. I silently curse myself. I pull on my shoes, brush my hair, and then we get into Drew's car. He drops me off, before waving goodbye, and I walk in, flipping the sign to 'Ne sunt acum DESCHISE' (We are now OPEN). I flip on the lights, and walk to my place behind the cashier and wait.
  9. "Thank you for coming to the Chocolate Shop," I say. As the last person leaves, I walk to the door, turning off the lights, locking the door after flipping the sign to 'CLOSE'. I walk down the sidewalk.I glance up at the beautiful night sky. I begin to jog, my pace even and slow. I reach the gate. Locked. I try again. Really locked. I sigh, stepping back, looking for a way in. I smile when I see a window. I scale the 50-foot or so wall, and leap into the window. My feet lands with a quiet thump as it hits the wood floor. I straighten. I walk over to the stone railing of the adandoned church. I look down--then step back to avoid being seen. Too late. "Who's there?"
  10. END OF PART 1. SHOUT-OUTS in Part 2 of The Darkness. I hope you liked this. I wanted to get this out. :D It might be a loooong time before The Darkness 2 since I won't get internet until like Janurary or so... (*crosses fingers*: Let's hope I do!) More characters from the CALLING ALL WOLF-LOVERS thread will show up :) Oh, and the language they're speaking is Romanian. Please read all my series: The Cold(TWC) and The Bonds of Love. It will help with my next series after The Darkness, which will be called The Conjuring. :D ----Alleria

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