The dancing quiz

"There are some good dancers and some that aren't good dancers." dancing isn't that hard.just act like yourself then you'll be a good you can see if you are a good dancer by taking this stupid quiz.

are yOu a gender? are you A CookIe then take this quiz cause I need to be quiet cause my older brother is standing behind me......*my brother beats me up* Me:remenber kids dont do a quiz around midnight.*starts fainting*

Created by: TailsPrower24
  1. you put your right hand up up put your left hand down down always wanted a pup.,but it always turn to a clown.
  2. is it possible to reach your hand to touch your toes without bending?
  3. when I say ughhhhhhhh that means you clap, clap,clap.
  4. when I say whattttttttttt that means you stomp, stomp, stomp
  5. when I say rightttttttttt that means you turn, turn, turn
  6. when I say meowwwwww that means you dance, dance, dance
  7. when I say................
  8. when I say ugh, you?
  9. this quiz was stupid right?
  10. Lets rock and role,Lets rock and role,everybody come on rock and role.

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