the completely random quiz

This is a random quiz. Sadly, it's not a quiz about how random you are, but it's just a random quiz...

So, are you dadadada or a wiener schnitzel?? tell me what yah tink of this quiz in comments please. enjoy my quiz

Created by: Leafpool

  1. does princess peach sing "keep holding on" by avril lavigne (NOT the glee version) in Mario and Luigi Partners in Time?
  2. If you answered the first answer choice you are-
  3. doofenshmirtz evil incorporated!!!
  4. you ever been on a cruise
  5. when you walked into a pet store did you ever find a dead frog in the middle of the reptile aisle
  6. do you like star wars
  7. do you have a crush at school?!?!?! cuz i do
  8. did you like my quiz
  9. Will you rank this quiz?
  10. Will you comment?
  11. Last question.
  12. Yep, i was lying.
  13. Now I swear that this is the last question. What do yah think your result is

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