The Complete Guess Quiz

This is a test. It will determine what stage we are at ending the world. Which answers do what, I will not tell you. Why? Because even I like a little Russian Roulette.

Umm, so yeah, why are you reading this? You should be skipping this and ending the world already! Stop reading! It's no fun watching you read from way up here... I mean, give me exp!

Created by: The Chicken

  1. So, just pick a dot!
  2. Pick a colour, now.
  3. Winter or summer? Fall or spring?
  4. Pick a Jaws?
  5. Just choose whatever.
  6. Oh my god, this sucks so much...
  7. Do you know what the answers are?
  8. Why are you still here
  9. More fate crap.
  10. Goodbye and good(time of day here)!

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