The Cold(TWC) Part 5

The Cold: part 5 whoo-hoo thanks to you awesome people who may or may not be reading this. if you are could you let me know? part six coming soon Oh if you haven't seen the movie trailer for The Starving Games, I highly recommend seeing it now. I thought it was funny :)

part 6 coming soon part 6 coming soon part 6 coming soon part 6 coming soon Rue:*waves at Katniss* Katniss:*waves back* Rue: *slices a finger across her throat* (You're dead!)--- The Starving Games (a parody of the Hunger Games movie)

Created by: Alleria

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  1. CHAPTER FIVE What is my destiny? That's the question everyone here wants to know. The problem is, no one really knows until it's too late or just the right moment. In my case, it came at the wrong moment. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. I am walking with Scott and Mirdana back to the gym. Scott holds my hand all whole time in silence. Mirdana goes inside. I start to walk inside, but Scott stops me, with a kiss, pushing us against the door. Then he pulls away, with a smirk. He walks inside, leaving me standing there like an idiot. I sigh to myself. The hallway gets darker. I look up. At the end of the hallway, I see a figure... made out of black shapes that are curling around. I scream. Scott rushes out. "What is it?!" I point, sobbing hysterically. He looks, then turns back to me. "There's nothing there, Catalina," he says gently. "What?" I gasp out, then look again. He's right. Thee's nothing there. "But there was...was..."
  2. "C'mon,"he says, wrapping an arm around me, picking me up. He looks at the end of the hallway as if making sure nothing's there. Finally, he begins to walk, carrying me. " old are you?" I ask. He looks down at me, then chuckles. "You're just asking me that now?" I just stare at him. He sighs. "I'm 18." "Why me?" I ask after a minute."Why me... out of all the girls' you could've chosen?" He sighs again. I look at his face as we walk down the frosted-covered hallway. "Why not? You're a beautiful girl, Catalina. You're unique in your own way. You're different from all the other girls I've known. You're not like the rich kids who try and be perfect. You're... you." I let a little scoff out. "That's what all guys say. They make up bulls*** they don't mean and expect you to believe them. Then they dump you like you're a hopeless piece of trash. Am I right or am I right?" He's silent for a while. He places me on top of a table. He turns and locks the door. Wait....empty classroom, locked alone.... HOLY FREAK!! I leap off the table, backing up. He turns, looking at me, confused. "Catalina..."he begins walking towards me. "What are you doing?"I ask, my back pressed against the counter. He steps even closer.
  3. "It's not what you think," he says, placing his hands on my shoulders. I slap his hands away, scooting past him, heading for the door. He grabs my arm. "It's not what you think, Catalina!" he says, gripping my shoulders. "OH, YEAH?!" I shout, anger pouring into me. "THEN WHY'D YOU LOCK THE DOOR, UNGRATEFUL B******?! GET THE F**** OFF OF ME! NOW!" "CATALINA!" Scott yells. I push him, shoving against his chest. I turn around. Then something heavy slams into me, and pins me to the floor. The b------ tackles me. He actually tackles me.
  4. Scott flips me over. "Stop it!" he yells. I thrash, struggling. Then without warning, he crushes his lips to mine. I begin to relax, the anger flowing out of me. I open my eyes to see this dark smoke-like aura whisking from me, into the air. I stop thrashing, as the black smoke lingers in the air. Scott continues to kiss me but opens his eyes, looking up, seeing the black smoke. The smoke hovers, swirling around for a minute, then comes crashing down, disappearing into Scott. Before it actually does, he gets off me, telling me to get up and run.
  5. I turn, but Scott grabs my hair, and throws me to the floor. He crawls on top of me. I kick, shove him. "Get offa me!" He growls, then smiles. He begins to kiss my neck. As if sensing I'm about to scream, he covers my mouth. I scream anyway. He straddles my legs to keep me from kicking. Scott looks at me, and I see a red tint to them. "I'm...sorry...Catalina..."he chokes out, then his face contorts into rage. He attacks my body, pulling up my shirt. I scream, thrashing, hitting him with all my might. This is not Scott. It's someone else, I tell myself.
  6. I shut my eyes, trying to push him off, but it's no use. He kisses my lips. Tears start to slip out. I gasp, a half-sob escaping. You b------... I hear a voice hiss nearby. I open my eyes, confused. I feel this breeze. Then windows shatter inward,spraying glass on us, causing Scott to sit up, looking confused. He arches his back, throwing his head up, as the black smoke wiskes out of him, curling around in the air before shooting out the windows. Scott stares at the ceiling for a minute then looks down at me. When he does, he immediately leaps off of me. "F***! F***! What the he** did I do?! S***! S***! Catalina, I'm sorry. Whatever I did, I swear, I didn't mean it!" he says, swearing some more, running his fingers through his hair.
  7. I sit up, grabbing my shirt, yanking it back on, eyeing him carefully. I stand up. For a weird reason, I walk over to Scott, and with a smirk on my face,I kneel in front of him and I say, "It's alright, baby. Everything's just peachy." I give him a quick kiss. I walk out. After a while, I realize something's definately off. First, I never call anyone 'baby' and second, I never use the word 'peachy' unless it has something to do with a peach. Which Scott is definitely not a fruit... so... I turn around, heading back into the classroom. I slam the door close, and lock it. Scott turns, confused. "Hey, baby," I say in a seducive voice. WTF?! As it's not my own, I take off my shirt---Oh, heck no. I am not a slut! It seems that Scott realizes this too, because he tries to put my shirt back on while I try to kiss him.
  8. "Catalina...this is not you. You can fight it. Fight it." "Baby, THIS IS ME," I say. He pins my arms to the sides, pushing me back against the door. You can fight this, I tell myself. No, you want this, a voice hisses back in my mind. FIGHT IT. FIGHT IT! I scream inside. SHE IS MINE!!!! someone screams. I yell, light pulsing through me, then fading. I collasp. Scott catches me. Everything goes black.
  9. I wake up, apparently 8 hours later. I yell at Scott, for making me pissed (because my sleep cycle is messed up.) "Jerk!"I say, then apologize. It's not his fault, it's the Cold. I scramble to my feet, heading to the gym. When I get there, they're not there. Confused, I wander around. I see the group standing in front of the main doors, staring at them. Or to be more specific, outside. I walk up to Mirdana, who gives me a double take. "Girl, I know you hate cussing---" It's true, I do--- "But you look like s***. What happened?" "Oh, you know: I think the Cold somehow managed to possess Scott, making him almost rape me, and now I'm a little crazy, from maybe the side effects from that weird black smoke. You know, the usual." She stares at me with her mouth agape. Outside, I see the fog slowly receding. Then it disappears, leaving the sky blue.
  10. "It's gone...The Cold's gone," Mirdana breathes. Someone opens both double doors. They walk towards them. Then, the doors slam shut. Everybody turns. They look at me. "What?" I say. "I cannot let you mortals leave."
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  13. i guess that's all for now... until then stay tuned for part 6

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