The Cold(TWC) Part 4

The 4th chapter to The Cold, in the Watcher Chronicles. Comments, ideas, randomness are being accepted and are highly appreciated. If you haven't seen The Covenant movie (PG-13) please see it now. To give you an idea of the man dressed in black, watch the bad guy (if you can find out who the villian is). SO EFFING AWESOME! WHOO! THE COVENANT ROCKS!

Oh, and if you haven't read my Beautiful Creatures Parody Part 1, take a look. It'll probably will or won't crack you up. I'M ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MANICALLY LIKE AN INSANE PERSON 'CAUSE THIS IS SOOOO DANG FUNNY! LOL

Created by: Alleria

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  1. CHAPTER FOUR I STOOD THERE, WATCHING AS THE FIRE RAGED ON, PEOPLE RUNNING AND SCREAMING FOR THIER LIVES. Scott stood in front of me, holding his arms out as if waiting to receive something. I ran to him, shoving past people, stumbling. The skies turned red. I screamed. "Nooooooooo!"
  2. I bolt up, clutching my chest, panting, my breaths coming quick and fast. I look around in the dark room, the only light, coming from the glowing red Exit signs. Everyone is asleep, clustered together to keep the body heat flowing. A little weird, I know. I stand carefully, tiptoing around people's bodies, heading towards the doors. I open them; they creak softly. I gently close them. I head down, walking carefully, avoiding the ice on the floor. I stop, pausing, frantically pulling out my phone, which I've just realized I had just now. I hold it up, searching for a signal. Nothing. Then... one bar. I quickly dial my mom's cell phone. Rings once.... twice.... three.... pick up pick up, PLEASE!
  3. Finally, a click, then static. "...-llo?"her voice says. "Mom?! Can you hear me? It's Catalina!"I say. "...-lina?Are... ok?....-thing alright?"she asks. "Mama! I'm okay! Listen, I need to know if you can hear every word I'm saying..."I cry. "...Yes..."she says. "The Cold--"I began. "The...wants....---thing... don't...what..." her voice cuts in. "It wants me Mom. What is it?" "...don't know, sweetie....Wish....tell you...Need... to know....something..."she says. "What?"I ask. "You...Watcher...Power... wants.... weak...don't let...die.... Love you..." The phone goes dead. "Mom?"
  4. "Mom?!" I shriek in the empty hallway. I let the phone clatter to the floor. WHAM! Another vision. I laid on the floor, my dress torn and ripped, my head in a pool of blood. I saw fires raging,sparks flying into the red sky, a pair or legs I recognized standing in front of me. Then in a heart-wrenching sob, I screamed out one name, pouring every bit I was in it. "REID!" I pull myself out of the vision. WHAT THE HECK?! I slid myself down to the floor, my back pressing against the frozen lockers. I screw my eyes shut, just as two visions hit me at the same time. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I am drowning. My lungs are being filled with water. I scream, swallowing more water. I choke, choke, panicking, my body flailing. Through the water, I see a face. My face... Everything goes black. I was dying. "Reid...Reid..." WHO THE HECK IS REID?!?! I was whipped, my back bloody and scarred. I stared at a dying boy lying next to me. I sobbed. I got to my feet, staggering, my blood running down my back, dripping onto the floor,leaving dark red spots. As I walked towards the fire, a haunting melody began to play, words singing eerily, like shadows or ghosts whispering. "All that she dies for... What's the cost; love or life...."
  5. "All that she dies for...What's the cost; Love or Life? (All That she'd Die For.) Will she value the thing that matters most? (All That She'd Die For.) All alone, a burden to hold... (All That I'd Die For.) The sacrifice that's her immortal soul; the Watcher sees all, Past, Present, Future, holds all fate (All that she'd die for...) The Fire will ataketh her, reveal all light and dark. (Will anyone love her?) Destroy or to save, the path she must choose. (Does love really exist?) The Breath; the Life will take hold; Ashes or ashes, dust to dust, the salvation, the life, the doom, the heart, to bring her blood to run (All That She'd Die For...) In the Finale, the world to fall or hold (All That I Would Die For...) "
  6. I scream, pain exploding in my head. WAKE UP, WAKE UP! But I can't. Why is this happening?! I let out a sob. Make this stop. I was running, my feet barefoot, the dress I've been wearing ripped. The fires kept burning, no amount of water could extinguish them. A boy stood in front of me, his back to me, looking up at the red sky. He turned his head slightly as if hearing my footsteps. I walked closer, until I was right behind him. Blood, dirt, mud, stained my clothes, my body. He turned and I saw--- blackness. My eyes shoot open, and I blink a couple of times.
  7. Blue eyes stares down at me. I sit up. "Scott?" He looks concerned. "You ok? I found you passed out here. What were you doing out here?" I look at him. "I wanted to call my mom..." I say like a little kid. "My head hurts." He frowns. "Alright. Let's..uh..." He helps me stand up, and I put all my weight on him. I giggle like I'm drunk, which is how I feel like. He puts an arm around my waist.
  8. "What's wrong with you?"he grunts a little. I giggle again. "I...had visions," I try to explain. "What do you mean?Like, about... HIM?" I shake my head. I start to explain, but then this absolute unimaginable searing pain rips through my body. I shriek, clutching my head, falling to the floor, landing on my knees. Scott tries to grab me, but it's too late. He kneels in front of me, putting his hands on each side of my face. He stares into my eyes. "No matter what. Just remember I'm still here, Catalina," he whispers, before giving me a quick kiss. He looks into my eyes again.
  9. I shriek, tears springing out of my eyes. Right before I shut my eyes, I see Mirdana running up behind Scott. --He turned around and I saw a boy about 18 years old with blond hair, and light blue eyes. He narrowed his eyes at me suspiciously. I stepped closer to him. "Reid... please... don't do this, baby... please... It's me. Remember?" I gasped out, reaching towards him. He caught my wrists. I felt a sharp pain past through them but ignored it, and saw a tint of black pass in his eyes. "I don't know you, peasant," he spat. "Reid--"I began. "I AM NOT THIS REID! I AM---"he started shouting, then choked. He let go, gasping. He staggered back. "Reid...?"I cried out. He looked up, his blue eyes meeting mine. "Arsia?" I gasped, half-laughed and threw my arms around him. He held me and began to rock me slowly side-to-side.
  10. "I'm so sorry," he whispered. Then, he stabbed me. I screamed, my back arching, my face towards the sky. I felt my body being surrounded by this strong aura. Reid let go, and I collasped to the ground. He knelt down, staring at my face. "Oldest trick in the book," he said, and smiled.
  11. I jolt out of the vision. I see Scott and Mirdana and hug them tightly as I begin to sob. Scott gently rubs my back. Mirdana looks at me with this sadness. "What happened?" I choke out, meaning what happened during the visions. "Your eyes turned full white, like glowing marble..." Mirdana replies. "You were talking to someone named Reid," Scott says. I pull away, wiping my tears, standing up. I understand now. Nothing's ever goning to be the same. This is my life now. I am the Watcher. CONFUSED? DITTO, ME TOO. STAY TUNED FOR MORE OF THE COLD IN CHAPTER 5. YOU KNOW YOU GOTTA LOVE IT. ;)
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