The Clash of Clans Quiz!

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Clash of clans is a well knowned game in the world. Welcome to my clash of clans quiz. It is very interesting. If you think that you are a master player then you should take it.

This quiz gonna be very interesting, fantastic and fun. You will like it. I will only test whether you are a good player or not. Are you ready? Welcome again.

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. Do you like to play clash of clans?
  2. Who is the developer of Clash of Clans?
  3. When it was released,
  4. What kind of game it is?
  5. Where is the production company?
  6. When it was released for Android?
  7. To what level Town hall can be upgraded?
  8. Do all equipments or weapons in COC should be upgraded?
  9. Can you talk with others in global?
  10. Did you liked this quiz?

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