You know what just happened to me that I hate? When i just finished a quiz and as soon as I'm about to go to the summary it says session expired. I hate that.

Hello people. I'm not in a good mood right now. I got some bad news from my mom. My uncle is sick. Tell me if you bliked the quiz though. Really tell me.

Created by: awesome89

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  1. Hello. My name is Leon. I roam the world wether by plane,ship,or any form of transportaition. I live in the mystical realm of ram. But you may ask 'why roam the world'? For two reasons my friend. Reason 1 is too find evil and-well you know the rest. Reason 2 is more complicated. I'm looking for my parents. I have hope that there still alive and I will find them. I use the sword. Narame. In my launguage it means "seaker". Anyways time to get to my story…The story of the chosen.
  2. I was walking along quite fine actually in a town called Nama. I weant into a shop and bought some food. After my meal it was time to move on. "The closest way out of the village is the forest,but there are lots of bandits and monsters there!" Said a villadgeer. "Good." I said. 3 hours later I found troubel. Or did it find me?
  3. A gang of 6 bandits jumped me. With a somple stroke of my sword 2 were out. I stabbed the 3rd and decapitated the 4ths head. 2 more. I slit the throat of the 5th and finished the last one.
  4. After that scenario I wasn't in the mood to stay. I left. After 3 hours of walking eating and drinking water I was finally there. The falls of truth. If I went to the falls of truth i'd now what I truly need. I had to see it. What's the point of venturing further if I don't know what I'm lookin for?! Looking at the sparkling water I felt..... I don't really know........releived maybe? Anyway I approuched the water with mixed thoughts. Then I was sent back to earth when I heard a rumbling sound comin from the spring.
  5. A huge monkey with 6 arms umerged from the spring. I then unsheathed narame and got ready to strike." Human why have you come?" "To see my needs!" I yelled in response. I jumped and impaled my sword in a arm. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Yelled the beast. Using 3 arms he took a swing at me. Effortosly I dodged and sent a flow of blood come from his decapitated 3rd arm. "I will drain your dody of blood then drink it and put the rest of you in a stew!!!!!" Is wha he said.'well somewond not nice...' The monster really started to raise the tension.
  6. Well thats the end. Sorry I cut it short.
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