The CBW Super Quiz

CBW, its one of the biggest promotions in arizona, now, test yourself to see if you have what it takes to be the CBW Champion. If you Do, then, we might even offer you a contract. Good Luck

Are YOU a CBW Fan? Do YOU Think You Have What It Takes To Be The Champion? Then Take The Test And See If You Are Good Enough To Call Yourself The CBW Champion

Created by: Chad

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  1. What Does CBW Stand For
  2. What Weapon Has Never Been Used In CBW Before?
  3. What Was The Result Of The First Match?
  4. When Did CBW Begin?
  5. In The Infamous Flaming Tables Match, Who Got Set On Fire?
  6. What Title Is Not In CBW?
  7. On The 3rd Anniversary Show, What Made Chad Bleed?
  8. Which one of these are not a CBW superstar?
  9. What is the CBW Myspace Called?
  10. How Many Of Danny Danger's Swantons Have Been Off A Ladder As Of The 3rd Anniversary Show

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