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  • the career quiz
    Your Result: academical 93%

    I think you are very smart and you will most likely go to college And maybe get yourself a diploma and maybe become a school teacher or something of that nature. You may not likely be very smart and be a genius you are very smart in that's what you'll be for your whole life. Smart.

    I was kind of suspecting this quiz to have specific jobs not a general category of jobs you could have. I want to be an author which i suppose is accademic in a sense

  • I got Vet!! This is quite acccurate as I want to work with animals (dogs mainly) but I don't think that I would be able to handle to bad side of being a vet, e.g: Putting animals down... It said:

    will be saving many animals lives. taking care of them making sure they're safe and healthy. you have a lot of that friends with you that will be taking care of animals with you will have a fun time with maybe a few dogs

  • RASHMI! Or should i say spammi.. Stop right this minute! I tried that stuff and it doesn't work, and it's not funny,saying that people will die if they don't post it! What about people who have life threatening conditions, or people who have loved ones with life threatening conditions. Then is it funny? No. Every time i see some spam i say, "Lord, help them see what they are doing wrong!" Because I did it and pressed F6 and what happened? the computer was normal. and, am i dead? NO! You are so mean, rashmi. Hey i have a new name for you: Spammi!

  • Your Result: music 38%

    Your personality is so out of the ordinary. but I think you would be puerfect for being a musician. you are just so creative that you could be wonderful as the musician because that's what being a musician is all about.

  • I got Academical 88%, 20% stay at home mam and 50% music even though I don't even like music.

  • I'm glad to say I'm a Dancer!
    I don't know how I got it but I'll take it!

  • Cool

  • Artist. My dream job!! YAY!

  • te rich. no way. i work, i dont get money though everyone hates me


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