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  • WTH? I just got told that i was "destined to die with my accomplishments unrecognized, alone and unloved." Well, thanks, JERK! I might just go hang myself, seeing as no-one will miss me! Next time you make a stupid quiz just for the hell of it, think about the people rthat will be reading the results, JACKASS! P.S. I will never go on this again, so don't bother replying. You just ruined my day. Hope you feel happy judging people you don't know off some stupid quiz. No-one wants your opinions if you're just going to be cruel.

  • WOW it is spot on!! Perpetual student....I am going to school and every semester i change back to the original plan. based on some excuse. :) hopefully i have decided for good this time;)

  • it is true somewhat and somewhat not. It all depend on how u believe it.

  • this is sooooooo retarted. i aint eva gonna wait on ppl and if ur a jerk then i WILL spit in ur food. srry dis test is dum. I dont cook anyways and i hate greasy foods retard!

  • perpetual student? haha I already have a university degree :P


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