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  • I got Angel. Also, why would you be sad that he disappeared to L.A.? He got his own show so you can see MORE of him!

    CarolineRivera Jun 2 '16, 6:17PM
  • Yes, I got my sexy Spike! Nothing new of course, but still

    katd13 Oct 25 '12, 6:26PM
  • SPIKE!!! YAY!! I usually get Xander, which is cool.

    WrentheWrockstar Sep 7 '12, 9:22AM
  • i love spike!!

    spike lover Oct 19 '11, 7:34PM
  • I LOVE WATCHING BUFFY, i'm on season 5, i got angelus, i'm a dark person, i love mystique.

    Maki Jul 31 '08, 10:19PM

    evilpenguin Jul 31 '08, 9:07PM

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