The Blue Laura Quiz

It's time for a *pop* quiz! Please put all your books away and wash the answers off the back of your hands. Grab your sharpened number 2 pencil and, please, don't think TOO hard. This quiz will not determine which university you get into, but it will determine how well you know me.

So, you think you know me? I was narcissistic enough to create a quiz about myself, so be kind enough to give it a shot. You never know, you might just learn something new today! It's the Blue Laura quiz...enjoy :)

Created by: Laura

  1. In which month is my birthday?? (Hint...think pumpkins, fall leaves, turkeys, pilgrims, and indians)
  2. Who sang "Happy Birthday" to me this year?
  3. Who has a *groovy* Ooby-Doo?
  4. Which is my "favourite" color skivvy?
  5. What is my favorite Australian snack?
  6. What is my favorite holiday?
  7. What do I have hanging on my Christmas tree?
  8. WHO do I love???
  9. What color should I paint the walls at the asylum?
  10. Are you tired of this quiz yet?

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