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  • Thought I maybe actually have got help here but like all else nowt again I've tried suicide via tablets still woke up aww just forget it sorry to have bothered you

  • my family always allowed my sister to harm me and almost kill me..whenever I was in the hospital when I lived with them, no one bothered to show up let alone check on me..all they ever say about me is "well, s--- happens" but when my sister is in the hospital for something very minor, they expect Earth to stop. When I got my GED all they said was, oh ok cool, but my whore of a sister gets a new boyfriend (which is every couple of months) they throw a dinner celebration. They never ever cared and it hurts

    • I am so sorry to hear.

  • Nothing like some good old unhealthy love from my parents. It honestly was better before my brother moved out, but hey, here I am. Right...?

  • I'm not a black sheep. I'm a white sheep. My family makes fun if me for having lighter skin than them

    Some stranger
  • im 77% my family hates me my am menially abused and l suicidal

    Kill me hahahah
  • Narcissistic love 86% and tough love 86%
    172% a pain in the neck! VERY cool!

  • .......I got 100%.


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