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  • @bookworm314 SHUT UP. You have given no reason to say why it is stupid. I think it's really interesting and wonderful. Do you feel good that you let people down? Well hear this missy, or mister, you need to learn your punctuation before you think you can just tell my sister, singin anything. You should've given her advice if you think you're so better at writing than she is. People like you really piss me off.

    @singin234- Hun, I think this is really good. You should continue and I think you've improved. Message me anytime, we've got loads to catch up on. Missing you loads girl, and tomorrow is going to make it a year I know WTF_NINJA! Loads of hugs and kisses < 3

  • @bookworm314

    Yes maybe it is, well yeah it is. I have a huge writers block :( also on the day I made this I was maybe a little angry and hurt. Just about how people can be so selish, we all are. I don't have a problem with you disliking me quiz. But could you use more words instead of 'This is Stupid? You could of gave me some advice, but that's a bit to much to ask for. I might sound angry but I am not, I am glad you were honest. You could of put it in a better way but anyway. Thank you for you honesty!

  • Interesting :) I'd like to hear more!

  • this is stupid


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