the big quiz on a big day.

This is a quiz that will smarten you up but also teach you about some new zealand things. it also has some interesting facts about wrestling and i hope you will be a genius one day.

so do you have what it takes to out smart me? i doubt it...... i know heaps about the things that i'm quizing you about.....these are my favorite things in this world so if you think you can match me.....go ahead and try

Created by: dylan of the big quiz
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  1. what is the most famous wwe character.
  2. what college did john cena go to?
  3. how many sisters doas bart have?
  4. how many fingers doas homer have on each hand?
  5. what is a cows favourite drink?
  6. what is the capital of new zealand?
  7. How tall is John Cena?
  8. what is the new zealand rugby team called
  9. who is the wwe champion
  10. what is john cenas finishing move

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