How Well Do You Know New Zealand?

People think they know alot about new zealand, but do they? REALLY? This test is to help you figure out how much you really know. Have a go? why dont ya

Are you a know it all, when it comes it New Zealand, do you know everything there is to know? Well then, take this quiz and figure out just how much you do know.

Created by: currypowdr
  1. Where is New Zealand?
  2. What do you call the natives (indigenous) of New Zealand
  3. What does New Zealand look like?
  4. Who is the prime minister (correct in August '14)
  5. Which of these actors is a New Zealander
  6. Which is the capitol?
  7. What does our flag look like?
  8. which of these is NOT a NZ Sports team
  9. What is 'The beehive'
  10. WHich of these is NOT a Maori word

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know New Zealand?