the best friend quiz

i dont wanna grow up. i wanna be a toys r us kid, kid, kid, lol well welcome to my bff quiz and this is deticated to all who wanna show apprciation for those you live

my bff we are so close we call eachpther twins, not sisters, but twins... sure we are different races but still id take a bullet for that girl. SHOUTOUT TO NINA/LISANDRA CAROLL I MISS YOU ps. this is kinda my way of trying to track you down

Created by: scolionophobia

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  1. this isnt a quiz talking about "are you a good best friend" if you were looking for that type of quiz then go and leavre this quiz. this quiz is deticated to best friends though
  2. ok so in the comments post the best moments with your best friend or if you dont have any friends then post the most fun memory you have
  3. im most fun memorie with one of my best friend is we would wait for a kid we dont know to walk past and we would piont somewhere and say "look at that distraction" and we'll laugh as they look
  4. and with the same girl we would laugh talking about a tv show with a guy named (auckmen.. ) and the way you have to say it makes it sounds like those moments on tv when they try to piont somthing out so the backround is dim and theres a spotlight on what they want you to look at. and when you say the guys name is looks like the spotlight would be on spit flying out somones mouth. and we ould purposely make the spit fly at a guy we hated
  5. and that was my best friend.. she still is now but she moved.. i still miss her.. but ill never be able to talk to her again
  6. ok im sorry i took a trip down memory lane.. but its over.. POST ABOUT BFF'S
  7. it kinda scares me when i listen to a song and it says the year the song came out in was 2012.. it just does
  8. now that i think about it i loose all my friends in a tragic way
  9. oh and if you want you could post the answer to this question if you could be friends with one popstar who would it be?
  10. ok so this is from a movie grandpa:rember,with great power comes great.. boy:great responsibiliy? grandpa:accually i was about to say great b!tches but you could say that too

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