How Simp Are You?

Hello there. You are here because you are either a simp and wanna see how simp you are or someone called you a simp and you wanna probe them wrong OR you're just here for fun.

The word simp is what people call guys who treat women too nice. You'll be asked 13 questions about simping and a bit about you. It won't take long and in the end you'll see how simp you are!

Created by: John Smith
  1. Do you support women's rights?
  2. How many girlfriends have you had?
  3. Do you know how to fight?
  4. What would you do if you saw a woman getting completely destroyed in an online argument?
  5. Have you ever been accused of being a nice guy or a simp?
  6. Nice guys finish last:
  7. Have you ever called someone a simp?
  8. Are simps treated too harshly by the society?
  9. Do you use Reddit regularly?
  10. Does your crush have a boyfriend?
  11. An average human needs 8 hugs a day to stay healthy. Do you get 8 hugs a day?
  12. Do you work out?
  13. The word simp is:

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Quiz topic: How Simp am I?