Are you a simp?

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This quiz is solely for determining if your in it for the coochie or not, this quiz contains inappropriate language so leave if that makes you uncomfortable

Don’t take this quiz seriously, I’m not any more wise than you, this quiz is just for s---s and giggles. Hope and pray the odds are in your favor :)))

Created by: Spankylmao
  1. If a girl you liked asked you to do her schoolwork how would you respond?
  2. If a girl you liked asked you over for Netflix and chill but you have important plans how would you respond?
  3. Drinks or Netflix and chill?
  4. Are you a virgin?
  5. Has your family ever suspected that you’re a homosexual?
  6. Have you ever sent an unsolicited dick pic?
  7. Do you get nervous around women?
  8. Do you get invited to things often?
  9. Did you have a bowl cut at some point?
  10. Have you ever been called an a--hole by a friend because of something you’ve done to someone?
  11. Have you been cheated on?

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Quiz topic: Am I a simp?