The Simp Calculator

Welcome! Have you ever wondered if you were a simp, well now you can found out. All you have to do is take this simple quiz. Get ready to take this quiz and find out if you are a simp.

The quiz consists of trivial simple questions to determine your status as a simp or as a king, who knows what you will be. Now are you ready to find out?????

Created by: DexMaster77

  1. Within the past 2 weeks, have you ignored homework, sleeping, or eating to FaceTime a girl you aren't dating?
  2. Within the past week, have you rejected gaming to spend time with a girl your not friends with?
  3. Have you ever got back into a relationship with a girl that’s cheated on you?
  4. Have you ever done a girl's homework when you two weren’t dating?
  5. Within the past month, have you rejected hanging out with the boys to talk to a girl instead?
  6. Within the past month, have you bought a girl, that you weren’t dating, something that costs more than $50?
  7. Have you ever chose a girl over your mother?
  8. Have you ever lied to the boys about what you were doing to hang out with a girl?
  9. Have you ever chased a girl after being completely rejected or friend-zoned?
  10. Have you ever kept texting a girl even though you knew she didn’t want to talk to you?
  11. Have u ever constantly checked ur phone for a notification from a girl you know DIDN'T like you back?

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