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THERE is MANY TYPES OF FOOD BUT THESE TYPES ARE PRETTY GOOD my quiz is the god of ALL quizzes and he will rule everything but it might be a girl cause you cant cheak if its a guy or a girl so yeah

Are you a genius ; because if you ARE THEN YOU WILL TOTALLY PASS THIS QUIZ EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT REALLY A PASSING KINDA QUIZ but you should be smart to do my quiz cause it is awesome you know get it the awesome quiz and its awesome?

Created by: arie

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  1. You are with friend at a movie and you want to get with one of the guys there how do you do it?
  2. You see a dog and you want to get but you dont have any money. do you....
  3. You are on the internet and some random person sends you creepy emails. what do you?
  4. Your dog dies. what do you?
  5. You meet someone new but its that persons birthday and you dont know what to do.
  6. You run away from home what do you do next?
  7. What vegetable do you like the best?
  8. what is you favorite type of candy?
  9. Who do you like?
  10. What do you like better?
  11. What do you like better?

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