The Assassin: Bad Dream

This is a series about an Assassin he has good times and bad there's many mysteries in this series and this is also pretty bloody and although my writing skills are poor I'll try and get better next time.

What are doing reading this? just take my series silly. :3 I hope you'll like it cuz I've put in some time and effort into this much like I do with a sandwich.

Created by: rockstar98

  1. I walked slowly up to a single wide trailer; I stopped in front of the gate to examine it. The trailer was a sun burnt yellow. It had three windows that I could see; only one wasn't broken or cracked. It had dead grass growing around the trailer, which looked so dry, that if someone was to touch it, it would turn to sand. The gate was white with paint chipping away in many places. I looked back at the trailer then jumped swiftly over the gate and landed quietly on the other side. I grabbed a 22 caliber pistol from my thigh holster and headed for the front door of the trailer. I stopped suddenly when I saw a figure move past one of the windows, I began to move again when I thought it was safe. I reached the door in what seemed like hours, I was then standing outside of the door slowly counting to ten, in my head. Eight, nine "Ten" I said quietly to myself.
  2. I then kicked in the door and shot a woman in the head that was off to my right. A man that must have been her husband then came charging at me like a mad bull, I shot him in the knee and he fell to the ground screaming in pain. I walked up to him and said "Do not worry the pain will be gone soon." I then put the barrel to his head and fired, blood splattered on the floor. I looked back at the woman I shot and saw a pool of blood growing around her. I went to a room, it must have been the man and woman's room, I turned on a light then turned and faced their closet.
  3. I looked under the closet and I could see someones shoes, the final target most likely. I then reloaded my pistol, and headed for the closet "I know you're in there" I said standing directly infront of it "It'll only be worse if you hide." The closet slowly began to open, I tensed when it opend fully and standing infront of me was....A child.
  4. The child was a girl around six or seven she had a powerpuff girl backpack her hair was a light golen brown it was down and messy. Around her mouth there was peanutbutter as if she'd just eaten a PB&J. My heart sank as I thought of what I had to do to this child. I got down to one knee and told her "Come here little one." She did not move "So be it." I said as I stood up and aimed my pistol at her. Tears began to fill her eyes.
  5. "What's your name?" I asked her my pistol not moving from it's aimed position on her head. "M-Maria." She forced out through her tears. My hand tensed as I spoke her name "That's a pretty name Maria.." my grip began to get tighter, as my finger slowly started to pull the trigger...I woke up panting and sweatty "That dream again?" said my partner that was in the bunk next to me "Yeah" I said rubbing my face then looking at the time, it was 4:32 in the morning. My partner looked over at me, he was wearing a green tshirt that read Army an the front his hair was black and he had a buzz cut his face had scars from all the times we'd fought together.
  6. Well that's it for now I'll be doing more later. :)
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